China to keep investing in Europe

2011-07-25 13:40:05

Zhou Xiaochuan, the governor of China's central bank, said Europe will remain one of China's most important markets for investment, the Securities Times reported Monday.

Tuition fees rise no deterrent

2011-07-25 11:07:49

The rise in US universities' tuition fees has not stemmed the enthusiasm of Chinese students wanting to study abroad.

Vendors being pushed out of retail park

2011-07-25 10:52:36

Half of the electronics shops in Beijing's Zhongguancun shopping area will be shut down by the end of the year as part of a government reform of the high-tech industry, according to the Haidian district government website.

Fast work important in trading

2011-07-25 10:47:04

Last week the price of natural gas plunged 8 percent in a few seconds in the early hours of Asian trading.

Jade too expensive following price surge

2011-07-25 10:17:52

The price of jade in Xinjiang began to shoot up after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The medals awarded to the world's best athletes incorporated polished jade.

Store wars: Bricks v clicks

2011-07-25 10:02:04

Improving service quality and enhancing consumer experience are key to survival for China's digital product retailers.

Nokia's China dominance under threat

2011-07-25 10:53:52

Nokia Oyj isn't just losing mobile- phone market share to iPhone maker Apple Inc. The Finnish company's dominance in China, the world's largest wireless market, is being eroded as prices sink.

Noodle chain says soup concentrated

2011-07-25 10:40:29

Media reports suggesting Ajisen Ramen uses cheap powders and other instant seasoning for its noodle soup, instead of boiling pig bones for hours as its advertisements suggest, have failed to deter the chain's customers in China.

Nongfu denies worm egg claims

2011-07-25 10:24:26

Nongfu Spring, a major Chinese producer of bottled water, on Sunday dismissed claims that worm eggs were discovered in some of its products.

Pledge to Greece drives up Asian currencies

2011-07-25 09:26:02

Asian currencies advanced to a 14-year high after European leaders pledged more aid for Greece, easing concern the debt crisis will worsen and bolstering demand for emerging-market assets.

EU extends import duties on Chinese bicycles

2011-07-25 09:27:53

The European Union is set to extend import duties on Chinese-made bicycles and parts until 2014.

Ore target to break foreign grip

2011-07-25 09:14:17

China has set a target of dramatically increasing ore imports from Chinese-invested resources in the steel industry's 12th Five-Year Plan.