China to halt wind turbine subsidies

2011-06-08 09:36:03

China's wind power companies expect to see little impact from the recent news that the country will end industry subsidies because of the investigation launched seven months ago following complaints from US manufacturers.

Coal and property fuel private-capital boom

2011-06-08 09:48:19

Gao Shan, the owner of a private coal mine and a property company, had no idea what private equity (PE) was until a local fund manager approached him earlier this year with an investment proposal promising a 10-fold return within three years.

China adds 1.2b yuan to drought-hit regions

2011-06-08 09:42:42

The Chinese Ministry of Finance (MOF) on Tuesday said it had added 1.2 billion yuan ($182.65 million) to help five regions along the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River make a success of disaster relief work.

Powering up the lure of e-cars

2011-06-07 16:58:29

I was feeling revved up after I read in METRO that people who buy electric cars, or e-cars, will be able to take a detour around the city's license plate lottery. What a breath of fresh air the idea is.

PayPal to end partnership with Alibaba

2011-06-07 17:08:24

EBay Inc's PayPal online payment system will end a partnership with Alibaba Group's beginning Aug 3, Shanghai Securities News reported Tuesday.

Foreign investments in emerging industry urged

2011-06-07 17:19:24

China is adopting favorable policies to attract foreign investments in emerging industries, Economic Information Daily, a subsidiary of Xinhua News Agency, reported Wednesday.

What makes young people tick?

2011-06-07 17:13:12

In a concealed office on one of Beijing's oldest residential streets, some young entrepreneurs sit in a hutong courtyard house tapping away at computers as they delve into the secret lives of China's rising generation.

Xuchang, a breeding ground for listed companies

2011-06-07 16:46:14

A total of 30 companies in the city of Xuchang, Henan province, are preparing to go public, an official told on June 5.

3,000-yuan tax threshold can offset inflation: Official

2011-06-07 16:27:27

Jia Kang, director of the Research Institute for Fiscal Science under the Ministry of Finance, said in an article he co-authored that a proposal to increase the minimum income tax threshold to 3,000 yuan is enough to offset the recent round of inflation.

Black tea gives new hope to Xinyang farmers

2011-06-07 16:24:56

The city of Xinyang, famous for its green tea, Maojian, now has a black tea, Xinyanghong, which will bring extra money to local farmers, Zhang Chunxiang, vice-mayor of the city said on June 5.

ABB, Schneider bid for China cleantech firm

2011-06-07 15:59:21

Engineering companies ABB Ltd and Schneider Electric are among second-round bidders for a private equity-owned China cleantech asset that could fetch as much as $700 million, three sources with direct knowledge of the matter said.

Pharmaceutical factory blamed for stench in air

2011-06-07 15:32:14

A major drug maker in Northeast China stands accused of seriously polluting its environs and of violating regulations that set limits on discharges of pollutants, CCTV, the State broadcaster, reported on Sunday.