Shenhua to produce alumina from coal ash

2011-12-19 09:58:04

Shenhua kicked off construction on a project capable of producing alumina from coal ash, a waste byproduct of thermal power generation.

Tmall launches anti-fake campaign

2011-12-19 10:44:54

Tmall (, has recruited volunteer buyers to help with its campaign to eliminate fake products sold by users of the website.

Dongfeng: 30b yuan for own brands

2011-12-19 07:55:48

Dongfeng Motor Corp, recently announced it will invest 30 billion yuan ($4.7 billion) in its own-brand vehicles over the next five years.

Bitter medicine for sick people

2011-12-19 07:54:36

The cost of medication is expected to continue on an upward path.

Trade frictions to challenge economic diplomacy

2011-12-19 10:19:49

China's economic diplomacy will face growing challenges in the form of trade and exchange rate disputes.

Long-term mechanism for real economy urged

2011-12-19 09:47:49

Experts said that China should establish a long-term mechanism to support the development of its real economy.

Growth moderation not 'bad thing' for China

2011-12-19 09:30:29

The growth moderation is not a bad thing for China, yet the country must avoid a plunge in economic growth.

China to spend $7.2b upgrading detention houses

2011-12-19 10:03:49

China plans to spend 46.3 billion yuan ($7.2 billion) upgrading police-run detention houses in the coming five years.

UK infrastructure projects attract Chinese firms

2011-12-17 10:45:32

Chinese investors have begun to seek projects in the UK infrastructure industry, following London's recent decision to open the sector to more foreign and private investors.

Beijing to keep limitations on house purchases

2011-12-17 10:28:02

Restrictions on housing purchases in Beijing will continue next year without relaxation despite expected falls in property prices so far.

China to unveil new energy consumption strategy

2011-12-17 10:27:16

China is set to unveil a plan to impose controls on total energy consumption, said Zhang Ping, director of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

China trims US debt holdings again

2011-12-17 09:55:03

China trimmed its holdings of US Treasury debt by $14.2 billion in October, driving its holdings to the lowest level this year.