Home is where the heart is

2011-08-05 14:02:04

German engineer says wuhu is a good place to have a different experience

 Wuhu goes the distance

2011-08-05 13:25:37

City sees a new spurt of industrial resurgence as more Chinese companies move inland

Treading the hard path

2011-08-05 12:13:59

Toread hopes to grow profits by building its own niche in china with top-notch outdoor sports gear

Riding on the tide of brand and knockoffs

2011-08-05 12:00:42

If you want to understand China's outdoor outfits market, a survey by Universal Consultancy might well be the place to start.

Outdoor success

2011-08-05 11:53:10

Companies see rosy future as demand for sports gear is expected to increase in China.

Fastener makers may still face strife in EU

2011-08-05 11:13:18

Repeal of anti-dumping duties is likely to be delayed

Time to play the import card

2011-08-05 11:13:18

China must use its big domestic market to counter rising trade protectionism

War of the bicycles in Europe

2011-08-05 11:13:18

Chinese firms fear extended duties may keep them out of huge potential market

Chinese food never tasted so good

2011-08-05 11:13:18

Foreign investors are lapping up lashings of profit in catering sector in the world's 2nd largest economy.

SOEs check out of hotel business under SASAC rule

2011-08-05 10:53:24

Stated-owned enterprises are stepping up the divestment of 100 billion yuan worth of hotel assets to comply with government directives to focus on their core businesses.

Beijing pilots housing price restrictions

2011-08-05 11:27:53

Developers will be forced to set the price of housing before bidding for a piece of land in a pilot scheme being tested in the capital to curb soaring property prices, Beijing News reported.

SERC inspecting wind farms after disconnections

2011-08-05 11:26:04

The SERC will conduct nationwide inspections this month of wind power facilities after a series of large-scale disconnections that threatened the stability of the power grid.