ADB provides loans to NW China

2011-06-25 11:18:01

The Asian Development Bank has approved $100 million in loan to help China's remote counties to build new urban infrastructure and boost tourism development.

Markets rally on Wen's comments

2011-06-25 09:54:06

Stocks on the Chinese mainland rallied the most in four months on speculation the central bank will refrain from raising interest rates after Premier Wen Jiabao said efforts to stem inflation have worked.

Guangdong bankruptcy claims refuted

2011-06-25 09:14:17

The official overseeing Guangdong's small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) denied on Thursday that sweeping SME bankruptcies are taking place in the province.

Trade zone to boost DPRK economy

2011-06-25 09:00:45

A free-trade area and a tax-free zone will be set up as part of the first special economic zone straddling the Chinese mainland and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Nuke approvals may resume

2011-06-25 09:12:24

China could resume the approval process for new nuclear power projects by mid-2012, a senior nuclear expert said on Thursday.

Airlines slash prices to beat trains

2011-06-25 08:43:35

Airlines linking Beijing, Shanghai and cities between the two cities have been searching for ways to prevent passengers from flowing onto the new high-speed line that will start operation on June 30.

Franchise heat 

2011-06-24 11:52:30

Foreign companies see huge opportunities for business

 Check all options before jumping on bandwagon

2011-06-24 14:03:14

Franchising is an effective and efficient tool for a company to invest and expand. However, risks exist in any form of investment, and franchising is no exception.

Ride the tide of franchise, but take cautious steps

2011-06-24 14:02:57

If you are a newcomer to China but want to expand your business quickly in the world's fastest-growing market, you might think about investing in a franchise

Playing the matchmaker

2011-06-24 13:16:55

Niche company connects foreign businesses with Chinese investors

Local brew serves up heady times

2011-06-24 14:04:43

Qingdao's iconic beer enjoyed beyond coastal city's shores

 Name of the game

2011-06-24 14:04:35

Qingdao banks on successful brands to stay competitive