China not currency manipulator: US

2012-05-26 02:06:08

The US Treasury Department said on Friday China has not met standards of a currency manipulator.

Japan 'eager' to join trilateral FTA

2012-05-26 09:14:57

Japan is becoming increasingly "eager" to join a free trade agreement with China and South Korea, said the Ministry of Commerce.

Full steam ahead for cruises

2012-05-26 09:44:11

More big international cruise liners are set to enter and boost China's growing cruise travel market, with more routes to domestic ports due to open next year.

China maintains quarantine on Philippines fruit

2012-05-26 09:35:14

China's quality watchdog said Friday that it will maintain a quarantine on fruit imports from the Philippines.

China challenges trade protectionism

2012-05-26 02:42:17

China began its challenge by requesting consultations with the US through the WTO to resolve the dispute.

Multinationals feeling pressure of Chinese companies

2012-05-26 10:09:25

Foreign multinationals are increasingly having to glance back over their shoulder to make sure they are not being outpaced by fast-paced Chinese entrepreneurs.

Expert: China less likely to make hard landing

2012-05-26 02:10:13

There is only a 5 percent probability in the coming 12 months that China's economy will have a hard landing.

Ferrari recalls 56 autos in Chinese mainland

2012-05-26 09:47:18

Luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari will recall another 56 vehicles imported to the Chinese mainland due to defective crankshafts, China's quality watchdog said Friday.

Wine firm vows to protect Lafite's image

2012-05-26 09:42:57

The widespread presence of counterfeit Lafite wine in China has pressured its producer to launch a campaign to fight fake products in the country.

China to be top business travel destination

2012-05-25 17:51:56

China is set to overtake the US to become the world's largest business travel market by 2015.

Shanghai car plate auction hits new high

2012-05-21 10:03:03

Prices of new license plates in Shanghai hit a record high in May as demand for private cars in the city has been growing despite controls on vehicle registration.

Railways try to get investors on track

2012-05-21 09:25:25

As the bidding process for railway projects is expected to be more transparent, experts doubt effectiveness of efforts to tackle a private funding shortage.