Chinese products on the world stage

2013-02-20 14:38:48

Chinese companies are no longer focusing on producing low-cost items for export. They truly understand local market demands and leverage the large scale of its user base.

HK's tourism industry lacks vision for future

2013-02-19 17:17:21

When the IVS brings huge economic benefits, Hong Kong is concerned with how to entertain the increasing number of tourists.

Tourism foresight needed

2013-02-19 14:39:32

Limiting the number of mainland tourists to Hong Kong is ill-advised, considering the fact that tourism is one of the city's pillar industries.

Ensure paid leave

2013-02-19 08:01:41

Although in nominal existence for years, paid vacations require accelerated and effective efforts of the nation to guarantee the practice.

Alert on fast lending

2013-02-19 13:32:48

China's credit growth in January is a reflection of the economy's steady rebound. However, the amount of growth raises concern.

Cautious hope for financial 2013

2013-02-19 11:02:27

If the year 2012 was filled with financial scandals, ranging from Libor-rigging to money-laundering cases and huge trading losses, then the New Year seems to have brought hope to the global financial industry.

You are what you consume

2013-02-15 07:53:56

Karl Gerth has spent a quarter of a century learning about China, but is wise enough to realize how little he still knows. When Gerth first visited China in 1986 he was a college student with barely enough money for a pizza and a six-pack of beer. But in the eyes of his Chinese classmates, because he came from the United States he was rich.

Prosperity on the plateau

2013-02-07 07:28:02

After its peaceful liberation from feudal serfdom, huge vitality has been released in the Tibet autonomous region since democratic reforms were launched.

Invasion of privacy a tricky affair

2013-02-07 07:28:02

It is not uncommon in China to be besieged by members of an extended family and grilled about why you are not yet married.

Safety on the roads

2013-02-06 07:41:30

The fatal traffic accidents in the past few days should sound an alarm about the country's lax traffic safety system and call for more actions to guarantee nationwide road safety for the upcoming travel peak in the country's countdown to the Lunar New Year.

Hukou and properties

2013-02-06 07:41:30

Nothing is more eye-catching than the disclosure of officials who have more than one hukou, which they have used to acquire dozens of properties.

Printing self-illusions a risky game

2013-02-06 07:41:30

As these monetary policies remain in place, they are growing less effective, but continue to inflate potentially dangerous asset bubbles.