Break gray-income chain

2012-04-16 13:56:40

Minister of Health Chen Zhu has emphasized that his ministry is determined to propel healthcare reform forward despite the difficulties.

Public spending fans luxury prices

2012-04-16 13:52:46

Now that the country's top liquor brand Moutai is under scrutiny, we should also take a look at some of the other goods that have been trying to follow the expensive liquor.

Global crisis, what global crisis?

2012-04-16 13:25:52

The current economic crisis is called the "global financial crisis". But is the term "global" really justified?

Containing the contagion across Europe

2012-04-16 11:04:09

The current financial contagion in Europe is moving much more slowly but it is inflicting as much damage as the Black Death. It is a crisis slowly creeping across Europe.

Food safety system needs more bite

2012-04-14 15:38:23

The unified administrative organ with the authority to deal with all the issues relating to food safety has to show its teeth. 

Making homes affordable

2012-04-14 15:38:12

Reducing people's tax burdens would help the government achieve its target of promoting a reasonable ratio of home prices to household incomes. 

China slowdown means healthier growth

2012-04-14 15:08:20

Should the world be scared at China's disappointing GDP figure? Of course not.

Still the economic engine

2012-04-13 14:13:32

The latest report released by the Asian Development Bank on Apr 11 says China will continue to be the most robust economic growth engine in the world despite the slowdown in its rate of growth.

Beijing's bills or Shanghai's coins?

2012-04-13 14:07:29

In the United States, a bipartisan Congress group has been pushing for the paper dollar to be replaced with a dollar coin.

Seeing the larger picture

2012-04-13 13:53:12

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and Cambodia, the current rotating chair, hosted the association's 20th summit earlier this month.

A step in the right direction

2012-04-13 13:43:38

China's securities regulator recently announced that it will raise the total amount of foreign investment in the country's stock and bond markets. This is the latest in a series of moves to relax the controls on cross-border capital flows.

Politics should not deter FTA talks

2012-04-12 13:33:46

Bilateral trade talks are typically launched in the spirit of lofty goals and mutual enthusiasm, but the reality is often something else, especially if the trade partner is the United States.