Pension gap exerts severe pressure

2012-12-12 13:45:32

China's colossal pension gap is expected to increase its fiscal pressure and government debt risk with an ever-increasing aging population.

Pension gap exerts severe pressure

2012-12-12 08:31:16

China's colossal pension gap is expected to greatly increase its fiscal pressure and government debt risk because it faces an ever-increasing aging population.

Chance to rethink economic policies

2012-12-12 08:31:16

Following the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the new leadership is formulating its economic priorities and policies.

Double drivers for economy

2012-12-12 08:31:16

International experience shows that an economy founded on consumption alone will be unable to maintain sustainable development.

Transition to sustainable growth

2012-12-12 08:31:16

The 18th round of climate meetings has just concluded in Doha, Qatar, with limited emissions reductions by the developed countries, few resources for the developing countries and lots of rhetoric.

Sticking to reform

2012-12-12 08:31:16

The message can't be clearer that the new leadership will not only continue reform and opening-up, but also further it in a pragmatic manner.

Branding and innovation: tools for fighting adversity

2012-12-10 18:02:32

Now Chinese entrepreneurs are trying to do the same as Japanese automakers did to survive and prosper amid an increasingly competitive market.

Long way to go after Nexen takeover

2012-12-10 14:22:59

The Canadian government gave a green-light for CNOOC's $15.1 billion bid to purchase Nexen, an oil and gas producer based in Calgary.

Australia's agriculture to benefit from China's boom

2012-12-08 15:53:54

As Australia's mining boom runs out of steam, the long dormant agricultural sector is expected to be the country's next engine of growth.

Let business be business

2012-12-08 10:55:44

These days, the most talked-about food in China is a kind of nut cake literally known as "cut cakes."

Handle 3D printing with care

2012-12-07 08:10:27

3D printing is becoming an increasingly mature technology, and the changed business model and industrial chain have made it affordable for many.

Sights set on growth quality

2012-12-07 08:10:27

China's new leaders will go all out to change such an unbalanced economic structure and pursue higher quality growth.