Financial literacy and the wealth gap

2012-11-06 15:18:44

The increasing wealth gap is regarded globally as possibly the most socially explosive issue of our time, responsible for the rapid radicalization of large population segments that we are witnessing worldwide.

Chinese eyes sparkle over silver

2012-11-06 11:18:43

Demand for silver has gotten more alluring for Chinese investors, and some metals experts have forecast a renewed silver boom in the country.

Tough measures, more housing supply are both needed

2012-11-05 14:24:55

Only a stable supply of land together with the punitive tax measures can tackle the housing problem in the long run.

Being austere with economic growth

2012-11-05 14:24:10

Increasing GDP numbers at the expense of building intolerable liabilities for our children, is like an alcoholic claiming that he is boosting retail spending.

Economist positive on China's development

2012-11-05 13:26:13

Standard Chartered chief economist Gerard Lyons says the trend in China's economy is up, and he's generally positive about China's development in the coming years.

Germany opens doors for Chinese workers

2012-11-05 11:04:06

German economic necessity to balance its labor market poses as a grand opportunity for Chinese healthcare workers who have already received proper medical training and credentials.

It's all a matter of long-term survival

2012-11-03 15:51:09

The Chinese economy may have entered its current bleak state as long-term and short-term dynamics coalesced.

Time for the cash cows to find new growth pastures

2012-11-03 15:43:49

The economic downturn provides the chance to take stock, and one need is for China to undertake the reform of its State-owned monopolies.

Structuring a healthy blueprint

2012-11-03 14:31:51

Interest is now centered on how China is planning its overseas moves, as it will have an important bearing on the future of the global nuclear power market.

Looking beyond the boundaries

2012-11-03 14:12:31

Chinese companies should explore more overseas project opportunities by teaming up with international leading players.

For a new growth model

2012-11-03 09:42:04

China has to adjust its workforce, demand and industries if it wants to move toward a higher economic development level.

Sentiment deteriorates in HK housing market

2012-11-02 13:58:59

Hong Kong Government announced a 15 percent property tax for all companies and non-local buyers, and increased special stamp duties to manage public expectations.