Expanding consumption

2011-12-19 07:49:46

The country will try to increase the number of middle-income earners in the year ahead.

Low-carbon concept counts in progress

2011-12-19 07:49:46

Chinese government's resolve and endeavor to actively respond to the global issue was once again evident.

Lighting without polluting

2011-12-19 07:49:46

China has decided to phase out and completely ban incandescent light bulbs before 2016.

Stable, sustainable growth

2011-12-16 15:53:29

The message from the Central Economic Work Conference, was maintaining stable growth will be China's macro-economic policy for next year.

Integrating financial Asia

2011-12-16 15:51:14

Region should improve policy consultation and strengthen regulatory capabilities to promote an economic community.

Building on the past

2011-12-15 13:58:55

After decades of modernization, Beijing is starting to pay more attention to protecting its cultural heritage.

Exchange rate opportunity

2011-12-15 13:55:02

China should not overreact to the recent decline of the yuan, as unnecessary interventions will hinder its internationalization.

The natural way to pick your stocks

2011-12-15 13:54:12

Among all the legendary investors I like Peter Lynch the most, because his theories are simple.

Durban ends with a whimper as expected

2011-12-14 14:42:31

They agreed to disagree. That in essence is what diplomats from 194 countries finally came up with at the Durban climate change conference.

So, nice and easy does it

2011-12-14 14:33:31

Slower pace, demand-stimulating policies and efficient use of resources needed to promote balanced growth in coming years.

Green way to go

2011-12-14 13:57:17

Unfortunately China, which was once known as the "kingdom of bicycles", has become one of the most hostile places for cyclists.

London unlikely to become next RMB hub

2011-12-14 09:50:11

London's hopes of soon becoming a center for the offshore use of the yuan have been impeded by the findings of a Bank.