Behind US unsubstantiated security claims

2012-09-14 16:24:56

With anemic economic recovery and persistent high unemployment in the US, some US lawmakers again are scapegoating China for America's self-induced, domestic economic woes.

China-bashing talks useless to US economy

2012-09-14 16:17:16

China-bashing has been a cancer and a handy tool in US electoral politics, useless to cure US economic ailments but seriously plaguing the Sino-US relations.

Not-so-secret agents

2012-09-14 15:27:24

Employing an advertising agency could greatly benefit advertisers.

All that nonsense about outsourcing

2012-09-14 14:19:24

Last week at the Democratic National Convention, held in Charlotte, North Carolina, a woman peddling bumper stickers outside the event's venue shouted to passers-by: "Not Made in China".

Boost imports and exports

2012-09-14 14:18:57

The latest of China's policies intended to make the country's slowing economy more stable targets trade and is meant to prevent mass unemployment, keep up the momentum of foreign trade and assist in the world's economic recovery.

Adapting to slower growth

2012-09-14 14:14:36

The gloomier economic indicators China has seen for August are giving rise to worries that the country's economic growth will further decelerate and to calls for further stimulus measures.

US QE3 could affect yuan appreciation, inflation

2012-09-14 09:21:34

A third round of quantitative easing in the United States may stimulate growth but also increase pressure concerning the appreciation and inflation of the yuan, according to economists.

Less speed, but no more stimulus

2012-09-13 11:22:06

A massive stimulus plan to boost the economy is not only unlikely, but would be detrimental to the country's sustainable growth.

Better not push on a string

2012-09-13 07:50:03

It appears that the world economy is tottering back into recession again despite the efforts of countries since the 2008 global financial crisis.

China-DPRK trade needs new model

2012-09-13 07:50:03

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has been China's friendly neighbor for decades. It is also a country of strategic importance to China, and the two countries attach great importance to their traditional friendship. Their strengthening economic cooperation will continue to play an important role in the consolidation and development of bilateral relations.

Staying the growth course

2012-09-13 07:50:03

Premier Wen Jiabao's recent words on fiscal measures show that China has the resolve and the financial means to promote stable economic growth despite its current difficulties.

Rural healthcare security

2012-09-13 07:50:03

Increasing the number of serious diseases that are covered by medical insurance will lower patients' risk of being ruined by hefty medical bills. This is particularly true for rural residents.