Opportunity for US firms

2011-09-27 07:50:52

As the US grapples with persistent economic uncertainty, China finds itself at a difficult but anticipated turning point in its economic development model.

Sales rebound, but year-end outlook remains cautious

2011-09-26 07:53:28

Reported high luxury dealer inventories could signal overall slowdown.

Putting pressure on bigger markets

2011-09-26 07:51:59

Global markets turned savagely down last week. It was a surprise to many, but not a surprise to investors who use charts.

Building houses for all

2011-09-24 07:55:24

Premier Wen Jiabao's renewed emphasis on offering public rental housing foreshadows the government's relentless efforts to provide low- and middle-income families with affordable accommodation at a time when many ordinary people, especially low-income families, cannot even dream of entering the housing market.

Track maternal healthcare

2011-09-23 07:55:13

China needs to reenergize its healthcare system for women and children.

Heed the IMF warning

2011-09-22 07:59:56

Policymakers around the world should take deadly serious the latest warning by the IMF that the world economy has entered a "dangerous new phase".

Hope from hybrid rice

2011-09-21 07:54:05

A new strain of rice developed by China's leading agricultural scientist, Yuan Longping, has set another milestone in China's research into hybrid rice.

Reform nation's coal mines

2011-09-21 07:54:05

Figures show China has the worst safety record of all leading coal producers worldwide. And the situation lacks fundamental improvement in recent years.

Address tax situation

2011-09-21 07:54:05

That the Forbes Tax Misery Index published two years ago obtained abrupt prominence here may seem weird to outsiders.

All that glitters is only gold

2011-09-20 08:09:25

Since the global economic crisis began in 2008, gold has also become a mainstream financial asset.

Value cooperation over cash

2011-09-20 08:09:25

Whether China and BRICS members will give a helping hand to EU have been severely plagued by their looming debt crisis is now a hot topic in the world.

Let's wage war on tainted food

2011-09-19 08:04:03

From New York to Baghdad to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, terror is often associated with bombs.