Escaping the dollar trap

2012-06-06 13:55:44

Direct yen-yuan trading is another step in China's bid to extricate itself from excessive dependence on US currency.

Finding job for expats in China

2012-06-05 11:25:25

Overseas people are wondering how to get a job in China. We discuss some more detailed topics that may help you find a nice job in China.

Integration of foreign banks

2012-06-02 14:00:58

Foreign banks should try to prevent complete localization in an effort to maintain distinctive market orientations, governance methods and development models.

China 'must speed reform' though hard landing avoided

2012-06-01 13:32:01

China needs to speed the pace of domestic reform and change its economic model to become less reliant on exports and reduce the impact of crises.

Industry's interference

2012-05-31 14:03:43

It is time for our government to quit "smoking", yet the cozy relationship between the tobacco industry and academic institutions affects tobacco control policy-making.

Targeted adjustments needed

2012-05-31 11:20:31

Fiscal policy should be adjusted to further stabilize growth and stimulate domestic demand as China's economy is affected by the waning global market.

Deepen China-Arab ties to seek common development

2012-05-30 13:42:44

Principles including forging closer trade and economic links to achieve common development chart the course for the growth of China-Arab relations.

Daily debate in media over policy

2012-05-30 13:31:25

Experts and analysts debate about such issues as whether a policy is being pushed too far or whether part of the market needs regulation.

China role in recovery firm

2012-05-29 11:23:10

China has signaled the world its commitment to push forward the global economic recovery and free trade by holding a large services trade fair.

Promote more sustainable fisheries

2012-05-29 11:21:55

The increasing number of fishing disputes with neighboring nations has highlighted the need to strengthen the management of China's fisheries.

How China can stimulate stable growth

2012-05-29 11:20:47

China should launch another stimulus to bolster stable growth, but in a way that promotes long-term growth with fewer bubbles and less inequality.

Increase energy efficiency

2012-05-29 11:12:41

China must redouble its efforts to raise energy efficiency, to enhance its energy security and fulfill its commitment as a responsible country.