International advertising companies would do well to learn from their Chinese counterparts

2012-09-25 11:23:06

Publicis, the second-largest advertising firm in the world, recently completed the purchase of its fourth Chinese advertising firm this year.

How will China become world technological power

2012-09-25 11:18:31

China aims to become a world technological power by 2049 and strives to be a leader in innovation and science, according to a newly-released government guideline.

Picking the best experts

2012-09-24 08:07:41

China needs experts,in the field of natural sciences, to catch up with developed countries.

Is Chinese economy in danger?

2012-09-22 17:47:22

There has been growing debate about China and its economic growth, with rhetoric speculating about an imminent economic blowout in the country.

E-reader users feel pinch amid price war

2012-09-22 09:32:56

E-book marketing is going into an overdrive in China, with aggressive price cuts that are creating jitters among authors, publishers and e-reader makers.

Africa stands to gain from China's economic transition

2012-09-20 17:26:34

Africa's agricultural sector stands to gain more from China's deepening economic diversification through greater demand for produce to propel its rapid industrialization, experts say.

EU, China making an impact

2012-09-20 07:51:53

Every year Chinese and EU leaders meet to review the strategic partnership, to set new priorities and provide guidance.

Gearing up for knowledge economy

2012-09-20 07:51:53

China is not considered to be in the middle-income trap, but its economy shows similar symptoms.

Protectionism harmful

2012-09-20 07:51:53

China and the EU's commitments to strengthening relationship could contribute to the efforts to help Europe out of the crisis and build up global confidence.

QE3 to enhance Australia, China ties

2012-09-20 10:57:04

The ongoing fallout from QE3 could succeed in driving closer economic ties between Australia and China, according to the Head of Investment at KVB Kunlun.

Chinese companies 'going global' unstoppable

2012-09-20 09:52:05

Huang Nubo, whose plan to build a resort in Iceland was turned down amid suspicion a year ago has been given the green light to rent the land by Reykjavik.

Scholar defends China's reform of monopoly industries

2012-09-19 17:42:44

A scholar with an influential Communist Party magazine has ruled out the possibility of quick privatization of China's monopoly industries.