Promoting economic growth

2012-02-10 14:58:49

Chinese government is committed to opening-up and does not make technology transfer a precondition for market access

Air pollution top priority

2012-02-10 14:55:19

That controlling PM2.5 has been made top priority on the municipal government of Beijing's 2012 list of public welfare projects is indeed beyond many people's expectations.

Ties good, but could be better

2012-02-10 14:54:51

China and Latin American countries have deepened their economic ties over the past decade. According to China's statistics, two-way trade increased from $15 billion in 2001 to more than $ 200 billion in 2011.

Despite optimism, still a long road ahead

2012-02-09 10:54:14

For China to become a real superpower, there is still a long way to go. 

Festival puts inequality in focus

2012-02-09 10:45:21

While Westerners are astonished by rich Chinese consumers' appetite for luxury goods, people in rural China on average earn less than 7,000 yuan ($1,100) a year. 

Welfare home distribution

2012-02-09 10:43:17

Vice-Premier Li Keqiang's emphasis on the fair distribution of affordable housing on Monday points to the weak link that will have a bearing on the fulfillment of the government's goal of providing low-income residents with decent homes.

Ups and downs of renminbi

2012-02-09 10:40:30

Short-term capital flows make exchange rate more volatile, posing new challenges for decision-makers in China and the  United States.

Reciprocal cooperation

2012-02-08 14:24:59

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrived in Beijing late on Tuesday for a five-day visit to China. He has come at an important moment when both sides feel an increasing need to bring bilateral ties to a new level.

What's in a burger?

2012-02-08 14:24:33

After the US fast-food giant McDonald's said it was discontinuing the use of the "pink slime" used in its burgers, its China division said the ingredients used for its burgers in China are different from those in the United States.

Considered consumption

2012-02-07 10:27:25

Chinese-speaking sales assistants and point of sales terminals for China Unionpay are already standard requirements for the top department stores in London and New York, popular destinations for Chinese tourists.

EU's unreasonable charge

2012-02-07 10:21:51

The Chinese government is clear-cut in its attitude towards the European Union's carbon emission charges on flights into and out of airports in EU member countries.

Support necessary for private sector

2012-02-07 10:21:12

In mid-January, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce published a report on the development of the country's private sector during the past year and the difficulties and challenges it faces.