Spending on education

2012-01-04 07:37:33

We share the resolve the minister of education showed in his report to the National People's Congress on Dec 28 that the country's financial expenditure in education should reach the target of 4 percent of GDP this year.

BRICS members should have bigger say

2012-01-04 07:37:33

BRICS, a bloc of five major emerging economies, should have a bigger say and play a more important role in the world economic mechanism. 

Learn from EU energy 'road map'

2012-01-04 07:37:33

It is well known that a major part of China's pollution comes from burning coal for power generation. But it doesn't have to be that way. 

Economy to remain beacon and engine in 2012

2012-01-02 16:41:09

China's economy will not break. Instead, it will sustain its robust vitality and remain a beacon of hope and an engine of growth for the still fragile world economy in 2012.

Still the right track

2011-12-30 08:12:02

While all the legitimate concerns must be properly addressed in a timely manner, the conclusions of the investigation should act as a spur to the safe development of high-speed railways in the country. 

Fair share of the cake

2011-12-30 08:12:02

The central authority's attitude is clear, "both primary distribution and redistribution, especially the latter, should balance efficiency and fairness." 

Land use policy shift

2011-12-29 07:58:19

Premier Wen Jiabao heralded a major adjustment in land use policy in rural areas in the coming year at the central government's annual conference on rural work.

Abandoning GDP fixation

2011-12-29 07:58:19

Many market observers have said the just-concluded Central Economic Work Conference of the Chinese government placed particular importance on "sound" or "steady" macroeconomic, fiscal and monetary policies in the year ahead.

Quality must be controlled

2011-12-29 07:58:19

One of China's largest milk producers, Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd, is embroiled in yet another food safety scare.

It's time to move beyond dispute over RMB exchange rate

2011-12-28 15:40:53

In its latest report, the US Treasury Department on Tuesday declined to name China as a currency manipulator, sending out a clear and positive signal that would soothe the market and benefit bilateral and world trade.

Significant talks

2011-12-28 14:26:42

The fourth strategic high-level dialogue between China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) has enabled officials from the two sides to have a thorough discussion on issues of mutual concern. For bilateral ties to grow steadily and healthily, both countries need such an important platform to strengthen the dynamics of their interaction and explore solutions to some thorny issues.

Car exports and imports help sluggish Nov

2011-12-26 17:17:51

Though the decline was small, vehicle sales fell for only the second time this year in November, down 1 percent year on year to 1.63 million units.