Another QE is a bad idea for US

2012-09-12 15:41:26

Will another round of QE create more jobs? The chances for that are slim, because there is more than enough money in the market.

Davos seeks recovery path

2012-09-12 15:13:35

While the US and Europe struggle, emerging-market economies, which used to stoke the fires of global growth, are also showing signs of weakness.

Toward a brighter future for the Chinese economy

2012-09-12 14:27:13

Premier Wen Jiabao delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the sixth Annual Meeting of the New Champions, also known as the Summer Davos, in Tianjin on Tuesday.

Asia-Pacific integration

2012-09-11 14:44:05

China shows sincerity about regional cooperation at APEC meeting and is ready to contribute more to economic progress.

Green economy should not be used as political card: economist

2012-09-08 16:36:59

The development of green economy should not be used as a political card, while mutual understanding and trust is the best way to fight protectionism, prominent Chinese economist Cheng Siwei said Friday, commenting on an EU anti-dumping probe towards solar imports from China.

EU needs to think big, like APEC

2012-09-08 10:20:07

As trade ministers in the Asia-Pacific region agreed Thursday to slash the tariffs of 54 green products including solar batteries, the European Commission, on the same day, announced a decision running exactly the opposite.

Short sellers preying on firms

2012-09-08 08:23:01

Citron Research's investigative report on Qihoo has created a storm among many Chinese who have hit back at Citron.

Need to clarify property tax

2012-09-08 08:23:01

New taxes should be aimed at specific targets to curb speculation and help develop a healthy realty sector.

It is unwise for EU to launch solar trade war against China

2012-09-07 11:04:54

Waging a trade war based on the alleged dumping of Chinese solar products is unwise for the European Union because such a move will only backfire and hurt not only Chinese producers but Europe itself.

Do it right, Mr Left

2012-09-07 10:25:30

Andrew Left has failed to provide ample justification for his publication of erroneous data in investment reports concerning US-listed Chinese hi-tech companies.

Toward more effective regulation

2012-09-07 08:07:40

A total of 76 people have been killed in three accidents since Aug 13, according to State Administration of Work Safety reports.

Commit APEC to recovery

2012-09-07 08:07:40

With the world economy on a rocky road toward recovery, expectations are running high about the forthcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting.