House prices, pain and gain

2011-11-08 08:01:38

The nationwide fall in the price of new houses that began recently does not mark the end of China's efforts to stave off a real estate bubble. Rather, it is only the beginning of the end.

Energy saving lights

2011-11-07 07:52:27

It was good news for the country's ener-gy saving targets when the central government made the decision to ban the importing and selling of light bulbs above 100 watts from Oct 1, 2012.

Patent protection promotes progress

2011-11-07 07:52:27

A senior Chinese government leader once said at a public occasion related to a special campaign to combat intellectual property right (IPR) infringements that if the ancient Chinese had established an IPR system and registered the patents for gunpowder, the compass, typography and paper making, China would have made a fortune in royalty fees.

Housing policy unwavering

2011-11-07 07:52:27

As was expected, the traditional "golden September and silver October", the peak sales season for the country's housing market, did not materialize this year due to the introduction of a series of regulatory measures by the government.

Helping others to help ourselves

2011-11-05 08:22:21

China's increased economic aid to African countries in recent years has been appreciated by the international community. But some people even in China are not convinced of its efficacy.

Organic food worries

2011-11-03 08:11:28

With one food safety scandal after another, the authenticity of organic certification labels is now in the spotlight.

The other side of foreign brands

2011-11-03 08:11:28

Many Chinese people love foreign goods, especially reputable brands.

Make road safety the new traffic mantra

2011-11-03 08:11:28

The recent death of 2-year-old Yue Yue after being hit by two vehicles was followed just days later by the death of another child.

Why a good law has been misread

2011-11-02 08:02:55

Last month, thousands of foreign workers became more intimately acquainted with the social insurance system.

Consumer honeymoon

2011-11-01 08:05:55

The introduction of a promotion month next year to boost domestic consumption is a laudable effort to expedite transformation of China's growth pattern.

Time to talk harmoniously

2011-11-01 08:05:55

China and Europe can work together to ensure the G20 makes a decisive contribution to global growth and stability.

Debate: Gutter oil

2011-10-31 08:02:36

Recycled cooking oil is proliferating because illegal companies make money at every stage of the process.