Boosting farmers' incomes

2012-10-17 15:23:57

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization awarded Premier Wen Jiabao its Agricola Medal on Oct 2, highlighting China's achievements in agriculture and rural development.

Cheaper labor will continue to work for economy

2012-10-12 10:01:21

Other demographic trends are evolving to sustain China's advantage

Money depraves and corrupts

2012-10-17 13:20:45

Fighting corruption is one of the top priorities of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government. People resonate to this priority, as reflected in the cooperative, outspoken and effective anti-corruption stance of the ever vigilant and active netizens.

Brazil casts a bigger spotlight on China

2012-10-17 13:20:31

As China becomes the largest export market for Brazil and as Chinese investment in the South American nation expands into the manufacturing and service sectors, Brazilian companies are also looking for ways to have a bigger impact in the Middle Kingdom.

Addressing the wealth gap

2012-10-17 13:20:14

Ending the violence of extreme poverty, which perpetuates a cycle of violence and discrimination that kills more children and adults than any war, is the rallying call for the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on Wednesday.

Offshore, onshore yuan likely to appreciate against USD in 2013

2012-10-17 13:17:48

Hong Kong banks are increasingly offering attractive renminbi (or yuan) deposit rates, which is expected to remain stable in the near term.

Erroneous reports on yuan

2012-10-17 11:24:41

The International Monetary Fund published its quarterly World Economic Outlook on Oct 9, assessing the prospects for the global recovery in the light of such risks as the ongoing eurozone crisis and the "fiscal cliff" facing the United States.

Confidence holds key to China's development

2012-10-17 10:26:45

As the world continues to hear a lot these days about China's economic slowdown, where does the country's best way out of its current difficulties lie?

'Do the right things' for the economy

2012-10-17 09:58:18

China's room for growth in domestic consumption can be "tremendous" even though its economic growth has seen a continuous slowdown in the last few years.

Low inflation stimulates stable economy

2012-10-16 17:38:26

Chinese consumers benefit the most from lower inflation, especially those with low incomes when purchasing daily necessities.

Rising food prices haunt our future

2012-10-16 08:05:44

Oxfam's research on extreme weather and extreme food prices shows how a drought in the United States (similar to one this year) in 2030 could temporarily raise the prices of corn and wheat in China by 76 and 55 percent.

Structural adjustments unfold in Chinese financial system

2012-10-16 10:32:15

Many investors have found the glory of the "Big Four" State-owned commercial banks fading away a bit in the Hong Kong equity market in recent years.