Electricity price regime

2012-05-14 14:04:17

A three-tiered progressive pricing system for residential electricity use is to be implemented gradually nationwide.

More dividends good for society

2012-05-12 11:09:19

China will require SOEs to pay a higher percentage of their earnings as dividends to the State and increase the number of companies that have to pay dividends.

Manila's antics costly

2012-05-11 11:23:02

Most Chinese travel agencies have suspended travel to the Philippines following the escalation of tensions over Huangyan Island, a precaution highly necessary.

Conflict of interest

2012-05-11 11:20:27

The need to smoothen the way for anti-monopoly cases is well grounded amid mounting pressure for government to scale back State-owned enterprises.

Focus on nurturing domestic talent

2012-05-10 14:04:38

From 2006 through 2010 China's top 10 box-office grossers were either Hollywood movies or co-productions.

Unprecedented endeavor

2012-05-09 13:52:35

China maintains economic growth within the existing international system and the US benefits from China's development.

High price to pay for brazen profits

2012-05-09 13:49:51

The current compensation regulation on land requisition makes farmers the biggest losers in the process of urbanization.

Copyright debate is good for law

2012-05-08 11:08:17

The National Copyright Administration released for comment a draft Copyright Law on its official website on March 31.

Relax high-tech restrictions

2012-05-08 11:06:04

Despite the progress made in relations, there has been little indication that the United States intends to relax its restrictions on high-tech exports to China.

Attracting and retaining the very best staff

2012-05-08 09:20:09

A company's culture is driven by its management. HR practitioners are realizing executive leadership is key to creating effective organizations with dynamic human capital.

Doctor-patient relations

2012-05-07 13:46:57

There is no excuse for anyone physically abusing doctors or disturbing the order of a hospital by kicking up a fuss.

Nourishing friendship

2012-05-05 11:03:53

Messages from both sides of China and the US indicate their joint commitment to better managing their relations to the benefit of themselves and the rest of the world.