In respect of some assistance

2011-12-13 17:05:24

Failed euro would be bad for China, but it has good reasons for setting conditions before extending a helping hand to Europe

Responsible businesses have advantage

2011-12-13 10:40:08

Judging by the pall of smog that hangs over many Chinese cities, it is all too easy to think that doing nothing.

Cautious policy needed

2011-12-12 16:09:15

Policymakers charting China's monetary and fiscal policies for 2012 at the Central Economic Work Conference.

China's WTO accession worth celebrating

2011-12-12 16:07:39

December 11, 2011 marks the tenth anniversary of an event, which profoundly changed the global economy: China's accession to the World Trade Organization.

End the vicious circle of poverty

2011-12-10 08:06:07

China's poverty alleviation efforts have made great progress in the past decade.

End begging for wages

2011-12-08 15:41:50

Protecting migrant workers' rights and interests would be a good embodiment of the government's emphasis on improving people's livelihoods.

Playing the anti-China card

2011-12-07 08:00:19

Recent China-targeted initiatives by US President Barack Obama have soured Sino-US relations.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

2011-12-07 08:00:19

Beijing residents will not only have to pay for what they get, they will also have to pay for what they throw away next year.

All sorts of laissez faire

2011-12-03 13:57:16

What China has achieved over the last 30 years justifies the economic road the country has followed in the past three decades.

Real test is still to come

2011-12-02 08:06:27

Bearish sentiment about the Chinese economy has surged in recent months, owing largely to three conjectures.

Use more, pay more

2011-12-02 08:06:27

In an attempt to reduce outages in coming months and ease the pressure on the country's power plants.

Time for financial sector reform

2011-12-01 16:00:52

The health of a financial system is crucial for sustaining growth. As various studies on international experiences have demonstrated.