No time for complacency

2011-08-10 14:17:55

The combination of soaring consumer prices at home and the worsening global economic outlook has ostensibly added a further complication to China's endeavor to keep economic growth on track.

Face up to debt woes

2011-08-09 15:25:24

What a pity that merely three years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers the world has once again been brought back to the same place, but this time with less choices.

Two sides of the financial coin

2011-08-09 15:18:40

Nervous sell-offs in Asia's equity markets in response to debt problems in the United States and the eurozone underscore the region's growing links to financial events on the other side of the world.

Debt crisis a wakeup call to China's foreign debt holdings

2011-08-09 14:42:18

The twists and turns that shrouded the debt ceiling crisis in the United States have fueled the perception that even as the US struggles to find a way out of the economic quagmire.

Economic collapse for weak performance

2011-08-08 11:46:01

When markets concentrate on detail they can lose sight of the larger picture. The lifting of the United States debt ceiling is a detail and it obscures several ongoing problems.

US debt ceiling deal is double-edge sword for China

2011-08-08 10:52:43

The roller-coaster debate over raising the US national debt ceiling finally concluded after the two parties made compromises. The Democratic Party-led administration removed the political restraint of debt default before the general election in 2012, and the Republican Party-led House of Representatives secured a promise to cut government spending over the next decade,Xinhua reported Monday, citing

Made in China, loved everywhere

2011-08-05 17:23:42

Companies like Lenovo, which lobbied hard for product placement in Transformers 3, are determined to compete globally on the basis of quality and brand name recognition.

Crossroads for property prices

2011-08-04 16:13:28

In a move to reassess the ability of domestic commercial banks to cope with the growing housing lending risks, the CBRC conducted a stress test on these lenders in the second quarter.

Time to reconsider buying of US assets

2011-08-04 16:11:24

While the Chinese government made it clear it was unhappy about the possibility that the US could default on its debt, it was also clear that China's concerns are not a major factor in US politics.

Urgent need to save energy

2011-08-04 16:15:12

Energy saving is of strategic importance to China's long-term development, so the central government must be watchful of the energy intensive industries.

Three into one for benefit of all

2011-08-03 15:31:35

Tri-network integration, i.e., the integration of telecommunications networks, cable TV networks and Internet, will play an important role in transformation of China's society in the information era.

Are we willing and able to work high-tech?

2011-08-03 15:25:01

E-time technologies have made our life and work easier, more comfortable. However, they can be hazardous or even fatal if any glitch occurs.