Cashing in on the China brand

2012-10-30 11:07:41

Many Chinese companies have implemented enhanced marketing strategies to chase after more global sales revenues. Meanwhile, they face stiff competition from their top rivals, which are multinational corporations.

Trade protectionism won't work for US: scholar

2012-10-30 10:47:22

Trade protectionism will not work for the US, and China needs balanced trade with the country as well as "sustainable reforms".

China's development brings vigor, vitality to world

2012-10-29 17:26:09

It is proved that the rise of China is, by no means, a threat to the world, and instead, it brings more vigor and vitality to the humanity.

New monetary easings raise concern

2012-10-29 07:25:03

Recently, the central banks of three of the world's largest economies attempted to stimulate their economies by adding new liquidities. The US Federal Reserve under chairman Ben Bernanke, acting on its promise to address the worst US unemployment since the Great Depression, decided to purchase mortgage-backed securities worth up to $40 billion every month.

A difficult balancing act

2012-10-29 07:25:03

During their campaigning for the US presidential election, both candidates have made verbal attacks on China and the issue of the yuan's exchange rate. Republican candidate Mitt Romney has even said he will brand China an exchange rate manipulator his first day in office if he is elected.

How to get the eggs into the right basket

2012-10-26 17:18:35

Since China put forward the "going global" strategy at the end of the 1990s, its outward foreign direct investment has risen rapidly, and Europe is one place that has attracted a great deal of that investment.

Moratorium no more for nuclear power

2012-10-26 17:13:36

Despite safety concerns, China has made the right decision to re-start construction of nuclear reactors. Boosting the nation's energy supply remains pivotal for sustaining long-term economic developments in the country.

RMB ready for currency leadership?

2012-10-26 17:04:22

China's currency has begun an 'inevitable'climb into the Asia Pacific's regional reference currency as western quantitative easing intensifies.

Woes leave legacy we can be thankful for

2012-10-26 16:35:42

One result of these hefty export losses was that businesses began to realize that just as there can be economic sunshine, there can also be economic rain.

Making the experiences count

2012-10-26 15:28:32

Though Chinese private companies' overseas activities are smaller in scale when compared with their State-owned counterparts, they have a more creative and diversified approach.

Making the right moves ...

2012-10-26 14:25:19

In North America and Europe, average people never imagine that one day most of them could be working for Chinese companies in their own countries. They had better be prepared.

FDI confidence in China

2012-10-26 08:07:21

Worries over China's growth prospects have recently intensified as foreign direct investment in the world's second-largest economy dropped in September for the 10th time in the past 11 months.