A special relationship indeed

2012-09-03 08:12:57

China and Germany remain close trade and economic partners to share benefits of cooperation.

Robots pose new challenges to markets

2012-09-03 08:12:57

China enjoys the advantage of having a domestic market with a large potential for further development.

The inheritors of inequality

2012-09-03 08:12:57

The spurts of rapid economic growth can increase inequality: China and India are the latest examples.

Wary of investment risks

2012-08-31 08:12:11

The Ministry of Commerce's latest esti-mates show that China's outbound direct investment reached 74.65 billion yuan ($11.8 billion) in 2011.

Sino-German benefits

2012-08-31 08:12:11

Sino-German cooperation in the fields of trade and economics has flourished.

You don't need a mobile strategy

2012-08-30 15:13:45

Mobile might be in the forefront of your mind but just catering for it could easily steer you into a dead end, but what you need is a commerce-anywhere strategy.

Merkel has to balance her priorities

2012-08-30 08:14:43

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's second visit to China in a year comes against the backdrop of dire forecasts of a difficult September for the eurozone. Mindful of such concerns and persistent pessimism in global financial markets, Merkel is now taking bold political initiatives at home and overseas. Indeed, her visit to China should be seen as an effort to assert leadership across the eurozone.

Domestic demand engine for growth

2012-08-30 08:14:43

China's manufacturing activity fell to a nine-month low as domestic firms struggled with economic troubles at home and abroad.

Local debt concerns

2012-08-30 08:14:43

The country's county-level governments have seen their fiscal conditions improve significantly.

Another realty boom not needed

2012-08-29 07:27:57

The failure of the economy to turn around prompts the question: Is a strong economic recovery even possible without strong growth in the real estate sector?

Strong sense of safety

2012-08-29 07:27:57

Given the fact that buses are in fatal accidents, it is time that experts took a look at their safety.

Europe a lab for job economy

2012-08-28 08:02:24

Because of the acuteness of the eurozone crisis, Europe becomes a laboratory for the world economy.