High cost of inaction

2011-09-08 08:11:39

Finance ministers and central bankers from the seven big industrialized economies, who will meet in France on Friday, should do their best to prevent a replay of the 2008 global crisis.

Food safety is still crucial issue in China

2011-09-06 11:40:03

The issue of food safety is very important to China, particularly in rural areas that lack control and supervision. Although the Chinese government has stepped up supervision of food and dairy products and liquor sold in rural areas at all points in the supply chain, it has to take more effective measures to ensure food safety.

Ever-increasing number of banking fees

2011-09-06 11:39:55

There has been widespread anger among the public in recent years over the numerous service charges imposed by Chinese banks, but so far the banks have turned a blind eye to these concerns. And their arrogant disregard for the public still lingers even after a government rule was introduced that abolished some of the charges.

Community autonomy

2011-09-06 11:38:33

If desirable urbanization makes a difference to the success of China's modernization, whether community autonomy can be smoothly realized will have a bearing on the role urbanization plays in promoting social harmony and political stability.

How women can succeed in a man's world

2011-09-06 11:24:32

Tips on how women can survive and develop in a male-dominated business environment, especially those who aim for high-level management positions. Read on for some useful information.

Cold War mindset behind conspiracy theory on China's overseas investment

2011-09-03 14:47:35

The recent international row over the intention of a Chinese company's Iceland deal suggests that more barriers are ahead for China to really join in the global economy.

A different national debt downgrading

2011-09-03 10:42:16

On Aug 24, Moody's, one of the three credit ratings giants, cut Japan's credit rating by one notch to Aa3, and said the outlook remains "stable."

Raising tax threshold a progressive step

2011-09-01 15:16:00

Sept 1 sees the first rise in the individual income tax threshold since March 1 2008. The previous increase of tax-free earnings from 1,600 yuan ($251) to 2,000 yuan a month lifted the percentage of population not required to pay income tax from 50 percent to 70 percent.

Manufacturing firms need assistance

2011-08-24 14:32:21

China's manufacturing industry is showing a declining trend, with production likely to drop again in the third quarter of this year. This is the greatest challenge the industry has faced since the global financial crisis.

Oil spill shame

2011-08-22 15:51:22

The investigation, jointly organized by seven central government departments, into the oil spill involving ConocoPhillips China in Bohai Bay is long overdue.

Still full steam ahead for China

2011-08-20 10:33:11

The recently published European Union (EU) GDP figures, following those for the United States and Japan, completes the picture of slow growth in developed economies.

Better open US door wider than scapegoat RMB

2011-08-19 13:34:45

The US trade deficit with China, meanwhile, has persisted. According to Chinese statistics, it was about $114 billion in 2005, but it increased to over $180 billion in 2010.