Pricing reform must start with SOEs

2012-12-29 08:05:26

Most Chinese consumers believe that they have been asked to pay too much for what they get compared with their counterparts in other markets.

The future global economy

2012-12-28 07:28:03

The longer-term trends are clear. Dynamic emerging markets from Asia to Latin America are rising in prominence. The United States and Japan remain important drivers of the global economy but face major debt and deficit challenges.

Reforming financial market

2012-12-28 07:28:03

Authorities will push for greater access for private and foreign capital while keeping proper capital account regulations.

Linking the mall to the laptop

2012-12-28 07:28:03

Sooner or later, however, the wistful rite of passage comes when kids realize that Santa Claus is not real, and with it, a liberating sense that their behavior is not in fact tracked and rated as closely as once thought.

Cutting circulation costs

2012-12-28 07:28:03

The high costs of circulation and distribution have not only caused the prices of many products to rise, they have also resulted in rural goods producers not benefiting from the higher prices.

Farmers' land rights

2012-12-28 07:28:03

The proposed amendment to the Land Administration Law by the top legislative body would remove the compensation ceiling for rural land expropriation.

To avoid price wars, firms move to offer differentiated brands abroad

2012-12-28 13:48:04

In the infancy of global brand building, Chinese companies still have much to learn and a long and winding road to travel if they are to achieve success.

Signs of recovery doing little for stock markets

2012-12-27 13:22:55

China's economy seems to be on a path of modest recovery, but its A-share market is one of the worst-performing equity markets in the world.

Protect personal information online

2012-12-26 07:15:08

How do the swindlers get people's phone numbers? Some of them even have very detailed personal information such as addresses, identity card numbers, cellphone numbers and so on.

Richer China to benefit world

2012-12-26 11:16:25

A stronger China and richer Chinese population could help to stimulate the lackluster global economy.

Online balance crucial

2012-12-25 07:50:22

As national legislators deliberate on a decision to regulate the conduct of information service providers and Internet users, expectations are high that new rules will bring better protection of netizens' rights and interests.

Tech innovation leads to economic recovery

2012-12-24 17:25:15

A global economic crisis usually nurtures a technological revolution and innovations can drive economic recovery.