Global value chains in the world economy

2012-09-19 08:09:09

What is new is how pervasive they have become and the degree of complexity they have attained.

Others pay the price for US' woes

2012-09-19 08:09:09

The US Federal Reserve has launched a new round of quantitative easing.

Should the Internet be regulated?

2012-09-19 08:09:09

Could the Internet be totally free and should it be?

EU, China should use summit to avoid trade collision

2012-09-19 11:01:48

When Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao arrives in Brussels Wednesday for an annual summit with European Union leaders, the recent trade friction over China's solar panel products is expected to feature on the agenda.

US trade dispute with China a mistake

2012-09-19 10:02:49

US complaints over Chinese automotive subsidies will not only fail to benefit the US auto industry, but will demonstrate the country's duplicity.

Economic model must change

2012-09-18 08:09:04

The National Congress of the Communist Party of China is held to review the past and to plan the future. China's change has been astonishing.

GM rice is more than food for thought

2012-09-18 16:18:41

The Ministry of Health's investigation into a controversial US-backed genetically modified rice research project in Hunan province raises a wider set of questions.

Merkel urges dialogue to solve EU-China solar dispute

2012-09-18 10:06:57

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reaffirmed Monday that her position after the European Commission launched an anti-dumping investigation against China solar companies that the issue should be settled through political dialogue.

Constructive consultations

2012-09-17 07:53:20

Deeper practical cooperation, new thinking and new measures needed to further consolidate the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and the EU.

Shanghai must raise its service level

2012-09-17 07:53:20

The Shanghai municipal government is well known for its penchant for setting lofty goals.

Economic model must change

2012-09-15 14:10:10

China's growth model - cheap labor, low-cost manufacturing, and energy-intense, high-polluting industry - has come to the end of its historic cycle.

How we all gain in the power of two

2012-09-15 14:08:30

Positive suggestions and plans from an economic perspective are essential to China-US ties, and establishing a free trade zone is among the most creative ones.