China's investment in the US benefits both

2012-12-19 08:09:36

China's investment in the US offers substantial benefits to both countries. The Chinese and US economies are highly complementary.

People hope for higher pay next year

2012-12-19 08:09:36

The Chinese leadership should be more determined now than ever to implement the reform because the wealth gap has widened alarmingly.

Urgent need for self-branded products

2012-12-17 13:16:46

The advancement in robotic technology is threatening to upset the global formula of the division of labor.

Call for reform

2012-12-17 13:15:26

The annual Central Economic Work Confe-rence can be seen as a bellwether for the new leadership's economic thinking and priorities.

Public role vital in building green society

2012-12-15 11:22:03

Chinese people have become aware of the environment's importance and stepped up their environmental protection efforts.

Carrefour should know the price

2012-12-14 17:37:41

Carrefour is at the crossroads in China: whether or not to allow its already-dented image to further erode.

Wenzhou needs a change of tack

2012-12-13 13:30:10

Finance and investment reforms in Wenzhou in Zhejiang province are to be welcomed and represent a move toward a more liberal business environment.

Talk of shifting source of growth not enough: Economist

2012-12-13 13:27:12

Too many businesses in China are still reluctant to give up their reliance on exports, despite the government's calls for a more domestic-driven economy.

Income inequality plan a test of will to reform

2012-12-13 08:23:19

What might an effective plan to reduce inequality look like? At its core would be efforts to steer more of China's income toward average families.

The benefits of an FTA for Asia

2012-12-13 08:23:19

Frictions will do no country any good. This is something the new leaderships in the three countries, especially Japan, need to understand.

Disclosing officials' assets

2012-12-13 08:23:19

A sound credit, information disclosure and sharing, and real-name registration system should be introduced in banking, housing and other relevant sectors.

Chance to rethink economic policies

2012-12-12 13:47:13

It's time to take a broad look at the economic challenges facing China and to rethink the policies needed to address them.