Sparing you troubles with proper due diligences

2012-11-21 10:52:54

While China remains a top investment destination for various global corporations, there are no short-cuts to success in a complex market.

Key problems for the capital operation of China's film industry

2012-02-08 09:39:16

Although capital operation has become a necessary trend of China's film industry, the industry still confronts many difficulties on its way toward a real capital-centered development.

Setting maximum work hours first

2012-11-20 13:16:18

The nature of work and the availability of workforce vary from industry to industry. If our aim is to protect workers from overwork, setting legal maximum working hours would suffice.

HK, Macao and Taiwan should form a sub-trading bloc

2012-11-20 11:19:59

With Hong Kong and Macao specializing in services and Taiwan in manufacturing and R&D, the three have a high degree of complementary assets and synergy.

HSBC gives thumbs up to Zoomlion

2012-11-20 11:19:33

HSBC forecast a bright future for Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co in its recent Chinese stocks analyst report.

Fundamentals won't support rapid yuan rise

2012-11-20 10:40:12

The renminbi exchange rate against the US dollar continues to rise, confounding many market observers who have expected it to decline.

Singapore captivates Chinese investors

2012-11-19 15:48:19

Chinese business people are seeking to diversify their overseas investments by pouring more cash into business-friendly Singapore.

China faces challenges in maintaining growth

2012-11-17 12:46:34

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua, CNN Beijing Bureau Chief Jaime FlorCruz said the new Chinese leadership faces the challenge of maintaining high economic growth in wake of the global economic downturn, as well as better projecting itself to the world.

How to become a high-income country

2012-11-16 17:38:46

China cannot stand still. The new leaders must seek and embrace well-planned changes that encourage more growth and prosperity in China.

Banking on sound strategies to overcome challenges

2012-11-16 14:42:45

Banks should adopt some sound strategies to weather the strong headwinds during the Chinese economic transition.

China's aviation industry ready for lift off

2012-11-16 14:40:22

One would expect aviation sector to enjoy greater success. But Chinese manufacturers have struggled to lift off.

More TV operators needed for HK creative industry

2012-11-16 11:29:19

Hong Kong's ATV has put on its most stunning and farcical show ever, as it staged a 90-minute live show featuring a gangnam-style horse dance made popular by Korean entertainer Psy.