The point when investors take action

2012-05-21 13:31:14

A major top of upward trend or end of upward trend pattern is when the pattern measurement target is a large distance below the current index levels.

Renew affinities to boost relations

2012-05-19 10:14:19

The new French president faces challenges on the economic front, but the the relations with China will also define his presidency.

Too long a wait for financial disclosure

2012-05-18 13:50:09

China can also have an effective financial disclosure system installed in the coming years once the leadership shows its determination.

Testing times for banks

2012-05-18 13:36:35

Chinese banks will find it difficult to make big profits just by lending more, and should adapt to the transformation of the growth pattern

People first tax structure

2012-05-18 13:31:01

The hope of transforming the development model lies in increasing urban and rural residents' incomes to release their consumption potential.

Promising world market

2012-05-17 15:09:15

Chinese firms going to Africa should shift to the model of acquiring resources, producing and selling products locally.

Mixed effects of liquidity

2012-05-16 13:20:09

The monetary authorities should not ignore the likelihood that the increased liquidity will push prices further higher.

Bid to unleash region's vitality

2012-05-15 13:21:09

Deepening cooperation of China, Japan and the ROK is a further step toward integration of East Asia.

Answering tricky interview questions - Career counselor

2012-05-15 11:24:32

In today's human resources market, are you up against some fierce competition? Saying the right thing can mean winning or losing your dream job. 

China's economy must advance on two legs: private, State-owned

2012-05-15 11:17:36

SOEs need to better interact with non-State-owned companies to promote the joint development of all, instead of squeezing them with monopolies.

Trilateral FTA good for all

2012-05-14 14:17:56

The FTA negotiations need to proceed slowly, step by step, in order to ensure all sides reap the benefits brought by free trade.

Time ripe for FTA

2012-05-14 14:13:39

Close neighbors as they are, China, Japan and the Republic of Korea have no reason to seek far and wide for what lies close at hand.