BRICS blazes a new trail

2012-03-28 08:04:01

Amid the ongoing global economic and financial uncertainties, BRICS members will be discussing closer cooperation and coordination at their fourth summit, which opens in New Delhi, India, on Wednesday.

Strengthen nuclear safety

2012-03-27 14:34:18

As world leaders meet for the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit it is encouraging to note that not only is the issue of nuclear security being discussed, but also its interface with nuclear safety, following the Fukushima Daiichi accident in Japan.

No pain no gain

2012-03-27 14:33:00

The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council is drafting its funding plan for the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-15) period and proposing to subsidize five energy companies and two power grid companies.

Chinese middle class anxiety a fable

2012-03-27 14:28:34

In the 1980s it became fashionable in the United States to explain Americans' behaviors in terms of addiction. In China today there is a parallel to this addicted nation fable: the widespread belief in a generalized anxiety disorder among the Chinese middle class.

Safer world, safer energy

2012-03-27 14:23:42

Seoul summit should seek to improve cooperation on nuclear materials and facilities security and promote nonproliferation.

How to make office politics work for you

2012-03-27 08:05:15

You've landed your dream job and started work. Your boss seems friendly and approachable and your colleagues look like they are ready to help you out anytime. Before long, you begin to hear stories about certain people in the office and you're not sure how to react. Then you notice the various cliques that formed way before your arrival.

Healthcare reform roadmap

2012-03-26 15:32:54

Healthcare reform is meant to provide residents with an affordable, quality medical service, which explains why any central government policy on healthcare catches the attention of the public.

Keep focus on nuclear security

2012-03-26 15:31:43

More than 53 heads of state and representatives from four international organizations will attend the second Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul on Monday and Tuesday.

Safer nuclear energy

2012-03-26 15:29:40

The second Nuclear Security Summit, which opened on Monday in Seoul, should be an occasion to consolidate consensus on nuclear security among members of the international community.

No need to lock horns over rare earths

2012-03-26 14:58:39

Rare earth minerals have caused much controversy and friction over the last few years, but the conflict resolution initiative at the World Trade Organization that the European Union, the United States and Japan started against China recently has taken the dispute to a new level.

Internationalization of renminbi

2012-03-26 14:44:29

The internationalization degree of the Chinese currency between the 2030s to the 2040s should be elevated to 20 percent from the present 0.41 percent.

Govt procurement no sure boon to Chinese brands cars

2012-03-26 11:09:18

The recent list of approved vehicles for government purchase from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has caused quite a stir because all 412 models are Chinese brands.