Trilateral talks not aimed at China

2011-12-21 08:35:29

The first trilateral dialogue held by the United States, Japan and India was not aimed at containing China.

US court concludes tariffs on Chinese goods illegal

2011-12-21 07:52:27

Law doesn't let the Commerce Department levy duties on goods from nations that lack a market to set prices.

Zoo gets donation for panda program

2011-12-20 07:38:57

The donation was from a co-founder and managing director of private equity firm The Carlyle Group.

Yo, Pengyou!

2011-12-19 11:00:37

As a Chinese-American kid in San Marino, California, Allan Wu had no vision of himself as a bridge between his family's ancestral culture and its new one.

US automakers prepare for China tariff

2011-12-19 10:53:09

New taxes on US cars may not make big dent, analysts say.

US 'should play constructive role in region'

2011-12-19 08:09:43

Asia-Pacific is big enough for both countries to cooperate: diplomat.

LA consulate shooter Chinese American

2011-12-18 12:01:41

The gunman who fired several shots at the Chinese Consulate-General in LA has been identified as a naturalized US citizen of Chinese descent.

Project rallies for China-US friendship

2011-12-17 09:01:55

The initiative was launched to support the US president's "100,000 Strong Initiative" boosting the number of young Americans studying in China.

LA consulate shooting suspect surrenders

2011-12-16 12:36:59

An Asian man in his 60s turned himself in to police claiming responsibility for shooting at the Chinese Consulate-General's building.

Gunmen shoots at Chinese consulate in LA

2011-12-16 08:49:42

A unknown gunman opened fire at the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles Thursday afternoon.

Motor company running on trust

2011-12-16 07:42:19

It would make sense for Chinese companies that do business in the US to locate their manufacturing facilities in the States.

Columbus gets jump-start

2011-12-16 07:42:19

Small-town mayor spends nearly 12 years cultivating bountiful relationships with Chinese companies.