From Inner Mongolia to New York

2012-01-15 08:11:34

The clear, young voices of the grasslands of northern China will ring out in New York's Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts when the Quintessenso Children's Choir takes the stage.

On N.Y. menus, some specialties are outsourced

2012-01-15 08:09:24

The cognoscenti like to know the source of their food. But some dishes have sources that are hard to find, that are not farmed or fished but made from scratch, and not in gigantic factories owned by Dole or General Foods.

China slashes US decision to impose sanction

2012-01-15 07:15:12

China voiced its dissatisfaction to the United States' decision to impose sanction on a Chinese company

US business leader urges closer ties with China

2012-01-14 07:47:07

The US should advance economic ties with China to reduce the adversarial nature of the two country's relationship,said a US senior official.

iPhone 4S sales suspended in two cities

2012-01-13 15:14:53

Apple announced Friday that its iPhone 4S smartphone will not be available in retail stores in Beijing and Shanghai "for the time being."

Executive integral part of Air China

2012-01-13 11:07:59

Chi Zhihang is aptly named for his job as the head of North American operations for China's flagship carrier.

Across America

2012-01-13 11:07:59

Group calls for investment treaty with China

2012-01-13 11:04:03

An American lobbying group predicted that the US economy will grow by 3% by the end of the year.

US visa applications sharply rise in China

2012-01-13 09:28:50

The number of applications for US visas that were processed in China in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2012 increased more than 50% from last year.

FM warns US on exploiting Tibet issues

2012-01-12 07:55:30

China opposes foreign countries using Tibet-related issues to interfere in its domestic affairs.

Lenovo smartphone will have Intel inside

2012-01-12 07:53:55

Device to be carried on country's second-largest telecom network.

Weibo gets the world talking with China

2012-01-12 07:06:30

Micro-blogging service attracts 450,000 users in United States.