360buy.com plans $4b-$5b US IPO

2011-09-08 10:24:06

Chinese online retailer Jingdong Mall is set to kick off an IPO process next week that could be the most daring bet yet on US investors' appetite for Chinese stocks.

State Council demands oil spill probe

2011-09-08 08:08:00

The State Council called on Wednesday for a thorough investigation into a huge spill at a Bohai Bay oilfield run by US giant ConocoPhillips.

Boeing: Air fleet will triple

2011-09-08 07:56:50

China will need 5,000 new commercial airplanes valued at $600 billion over the next 20 years.

Conoco special fund to handle oil spills

2011-09-07 17:09:40

The fund is designed to address its responsibilities in the oil spills in north China's Bohai Bay.

China opposes US arms sales to Taiwan

2011-09-07 17:06:49

The US is urged to be "fully aware" of the sensitivity of the issue and avoid damaging relations.

WTO decision will worsen problems of tire producers

2011-09-07 07:41:54

BEIJING - Tariffs on Chinese tire imports levied over the past two years by the United States have seriously harmed Chinese producers, and the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling on Monday will intensify their difficulties, experts said.

Lawyer: Conoco should face criminal charges

2011-09-07 07:30:52

Experts have suggested China's maritime authorities file a criminal case against ConocoPhillips China. 
Oil leaks special

US tests spark toothpaste toxin fears

2011-09-06 08:13:46

Safety reviews in the US ignite concerns in China over the safety of toothpastes containing triclosan.

Executives enjoy salary bonanza

2011-09-06 07:56:45

Following the US policy, China also limited salaries in 2009 to 2.8 million yuan for executives of State-owned enterprises (SOEs)

Coca-Cola to spur per capita sales in China

2011-09-06 07:56:45

Sales will probably increase at a "high double-digit" rate in China this year and next.

Discontent grows against Conoco

2011-09-05 08:01:59

ConocoPhillips China (COPC) is facing the wrath of the Chinese public after deceptively announcing that it had cleaned up oil spills in north China's Bohai Bay.

Nations can learn from each other

2011-09-05 08:00:34

She was in China for a week to talk business and politics, but the last leg of US Congresswoman Judy Chu's trip turned out to be one of the most personal and memorable parts - a visit to her ancestral home of Jiangmen, Guangdong province.