China makes its mark with Times Square ads

2012-02-27 08:05:32

One screen at 2 Times Square in Midtown Manhattan started to display images from China from Aug 2011.

China's role in intl policy praised

2012-02-26 12:22:35

China has played a responsible stabilizing role in its international policy.

Renewable energy riding high

2012-02-25 08:30:10

China is putting greater emphasis on green energy to clean up industry and cut carbon emissions

On the runway to success

2012-02-25 08:30:10

When Jane McBride first got behind the controls of her father's airplane, she felt hardly any fear.

Green-credit guideline for banks issued

2012-02-25 08:30:10

BEIJING - The Chinese government introduced a "green credit" guideline for commercial lenders on Friday to facilitate economic restructuring in a manner that's environmentally friendly and saves energy.

China won't take part in arms race

2012-02-24 08:11:50

China will not engage in an arms race with other countries.

Court postpones iPad decision

2012-02-24 08:10:04

The court rejected a request by Shenzhen Proview Technology to stop Apple from selling iPads.

Jordan faces challenge from Qiaodan

2012-02-24 08:09:13

Qiaodan Sports defended itself by stressing its brand "cannot be identified with Michael Jordan".

YOU On Demand signs deal with Disney

2012-02-24 07:46:45

YOU On Demand Media has announced an agreement with Disney Media Distribution to enrich its portfolio of Hollywood films.

'Chance' to open capital account

2012-02-24 07:46:45

China has a "strategic opportunity" to ease curbs on capital flows and raise the yuan's global status.

US-DPRK talks in Beijing 'substantive'

2012-02-23 22:13:50

US Special Representative for DPRK Policy Glyn Davies said Thursday that US-DPRK talks in Beijing were "serious and substantive."

Lin's trademark bounce to net top score

2012-02-23 08:06:20

Entrepreneur's foresight of player's fame and fortune offers great sporting chance.