Finally, the eyes have it - glasses that fit

2011-10-14 10:44:55

NEW YORK -When Alexandra Peng was growing up, finding glasses for her Asian features was difficult. The glasses she purchased slid down her nose to rest on her cheeks, often impairing her vision. Like many optically challenged Asians, she wore standard-fit glasses well into adulthood.

Cloud Gate dance troupe brings artistry to NY

2011-10-14 10:44:55

NEW YORK - Modern dance maestro Martha Graham once famously remarked, "Dance is the hidden language of the soul."

Cultural diversity is attraction of Guizhou

2011-10-14 10:44:55

NEW YORK - Wang Fuyu, deputy Party chief of Guizhou province, brought a 60-person ethnic performing group to New York in the second week of October, when the most beautiful scenery is in New England.

More than just family ties

2011-10-14 08:54:58

It is not often that diplomats and visiting dignitaries include Wuhan on their China itinerary. So when Gary Locke, the US ambassador to China, chose Wuhan as his first port of call after taking up office in August, many people were surprised.

Economic growth lifts China's standing

2011-10-14 07:58:32

According to a study, China, Japan, Germany, the US and Canada will be the top five influences on global trade and economics over the next 10 years.

Nike plans to 'just double it' in China with focus on small cities

2011-10-14 07:53:55

The renowned sporting goods brand Nike aims to double its revenue in China in the next four years, an ambitious plan that it hopes will leave competitors in the dust.

Concern over currency bill

2011-10-14 07:52:40

China said on Wednesday that the "essentially protectionist" bill was on the verge of triggering a trade war.

Chamber of commerce opposes US yuan bill

2011-10-14 06:40:23

The China Chamber of International Commerce joined the opposition to the US Senate's passage of a bill that would pressure China to revalue its currency

Microsoft to launch app store in China

2011-10-13 11:38:29

Marketplace, Microsoft's application store based on its Windows platform, will open in China this month, the company said.

China's brand image improves: Report

2011-10-13 11:09:14

Rapid economic development and the Beijing Olympics helped change public perception of China.

Punishing China no boon for US jobs

2011-10-13 08:30:37

Jobs are more likely to flow to other low-cost countries than to the US even if the yuan appreciates sharply.

Experts call on China to step up public diplomacy efforts

2011-10-13 08:07:35

Nation needs to get message across to stop victimization