China challenges trade protectionism

2012-05-26 02:42:17

China began its challenge by requesting consultations with the US through the WTO to resolve the dispute.

'Double standard' applied by the US

2012-05-26 02:37:10

Beijing swiftly hit back at Washington's annual report on China's human rights.  Full Text

US to clear up confusion over institutes

2012-05-26 07:52:37

The US Department of State will sort out a visa issue that affects Confucius Institute teachers.

Chinese teachers in visa mess

2012-05-25 10:41:21

No Chinese teachers at Confucius Institutes in US will have to leave the country by the end of June.

China Telecom busy exploring Americas market

2012-05-25 12:04:13

Tan Yijun looks like a scholar but is really an explorer with ambition. After 10 years of cultivating business for China Telecom Corp's Western Hemisphere subsidiary, he views the region as a whole.

US policies counter WTO rules

2012-05-24 20:16:57

China said it had found six US policies that support or subsidize the US renewable energy industry that run counter to WTO rules.

Winners and losers in 'G-Zero' world

2012-05-25 05:12:03

Susan Shirk chats with Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group, about his new book, Every Nation for Itself: Winners and Losers in a G-Zero World at a talk May 24 at the Asia Society.

2012 Wall Street China Forum

2012-05-25 04:52:31

Representatives of dozens of Chinese and US companies gathered for the 2012 Wall Street China Forum on May 15 in New York.

Panel discusses China, US and the Global Economy

2012-05-25 04:52:06

Panelists tackled China-US ties and the global economy at a May 22 discussion hosted by the pro-growth New York Forum.

Asia-Pacific group draws congresswoman's praise

2012-05-25 04:52:06

Xiao Wunan, executive vice-chairman of the Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation, was recognized recently for the organization's "commitment to promote comprehensive social, economic and cultural development between the United States and the Asia-Pacific region".

Symphony honors Chinese-American history

2012-05-25 04:51:46

A symphonic chorus commemorating the hardship and contribution of generations of Chinese in the US premiered at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center in College Park, Maryland, on May 19.

Yergin on energy and China

2012-05-25 04:51:46

Daniel Yergin, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and acclaimed economic researcher, said China's ascent has profoundly changed the global energy landscape while discussing his most recent book, The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World, on May 21 in Washington.