Delegation brings Tibetan culture to US

2011-10-21 08:06:01

A delegation from the Tibet autonomous region is currently on a two-week trip to the United States and Canada to promote Tibetan culture.

Ma urges Yahoo! to respond to his offer

2011-10-21 08:06:24

Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma wants a quick answer to his firm's takeover bid.

Governors keen to build trade ties

2011-10-20 09:16:08

US governors called for increased economic cooperation between China and the United States at the China-US Governors Forum on Wednesday.

Chinese, US officials pledge closer sub-national co-op

2011-10-20 08:52:22

Chinese and US officials pledged Wednesday to strengthen their sub-national economic cooperation and remove some Chinese entrepreneurs' apprehensions about investing the United States.

Governors keen to build trade ties

2011-10-20 08:07:06

US governors called for increased economic cooperation between China and the US.

US official rules out chance of 'cyber war' with China

2011-10-20 08:07:06

US State Department calls for building mutual confidence to avoid such an eventuality.

China reviews audit firms

2011-10-20 07:53:31

China's financial regulators have asked the world's biggest audit companies to conduct an urgent review of their work on US-listed Chinese companies

Trade statistics reform urged

2011-10-20 07:51:27

Traditional trade statistics place China's trade surplus with the US in 2008 at $285 billion.

China cuts holdings of US debt

2011-10-20 07:51:27

BEIJING - China divested $36.5 billion of its net holdings of US Treasury debt in August.

Time for China to dump US debt?

2011-10-20 06:50:33

Although China trimmed its US government securities in August by a hefty $36.5 billion, the country remains the United States' largest foreign lender.

China cuts US debt holdings in August

2011-10-19 10:43:40

China, the largest foreign owner of United States Treasuries, cut its holdings by $36.5 billion - to $1.14 trillion - in August.

North Carolina governor seeks expanded investment

2011-10-19 10:43:40

NEW YORK - During a six-day visit to China for the China-US Governor's Forum, the governor of North Carolina will attend 25 meetings with Chinese companies that are at various stages of expansion in the state, part of North Carolina's efforts to attract investments from China.