Angry Birds get active offline in China

2012-05-21 08:58:30

Rovio Entertainment, the maker of the popular game Angry Birds, said it would expand its value-added chain to capture more business opportunities in China.

McDonald's recruiting for major expansion

2012-05-21 07:47:46

McDonald's started its biggest ever recruitment plan in China on Sunday, hoping to meet its ambitious expansion goals in the company's third-largest market.

Tone softens on Chinese military growth

2012-05-21 08:04:44

Although US has toned down accusations about China's military expansion.

China slams US military report

2012-05-19 20:21:56

US urged to respect facts, change its mind-set and stop its wrongdoing in keeping issuing similar reports.

US accuses China's non-transparency

2012-05-19 12:57:52

The Pentagon falsely accused China's military expenditure of being non-transparent.

G8 leaders stress boosting growth, job creation

2012-05-20 04:28:08

G8 leaders said that bolstering economic growth and job creation was critical to the economic recovery.

US report shows Cold War mentality

2012-05-19 15:38:40

The US Defense Department on Friday published its annual report on China's military developments.

China slams US tariff on China solar

2012-05-18 22:31:54

The US move to slap harsh tariffs on solar panels from China is reckless as it runs against free trade.

US ruling on solar panels 'unreasonable'

2012-05-19 02:35:10

China rejected a US anti-dumping ruling against Chinese solar power equipment, calling it "unfair".

US,China seek uninterrupted military ties

2012-05-18 06:31:02

Chinese and the US recognize the importance of maintaining good, uninterrupted military relations.

US to levy punitive duties

2012-05-18 05:50:40

The Commerce Department determined that Chinese sold solar cells in the US market at dumping margins.

US to keep antidumping duties on Chinese foundry coke

2012-05-16 04:54:39

The antidumping duties of 48.55% to 214.89% on imports of this product from China will remain in force.