Parents of slain students visit crime scene

2012-04-17 11:02:28

The parents of both victims talked with the school, police and Chinese officials about the memorial services and possible fundraising efforts.

More Chinese get US green card

2012-04-16 16:09:48

More than 87,000 Chinese-born people became legal permanent residents of US in 2011, the second largest number among countries gaining green cards.

More US trade friction predicted

2012-04-16 07:22:10

China and the US will experience more trade friction in the high-end manufacturing sector.

More charges in Iowa assault case

2012-04-16 06:50:37

Parents of a Chinese student who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman have been accused of trying to bribe the alleged victim into changing her story.

US to probe into stainless steel from China

2012-04-14 10:27:53

A US federal trade panel determined Friday the US industry was "materially injured" by importing stainless steel sinks from China amid concerns.

$125k offered over Chinese students' slaying

2012-04-14 08:18:32

A $125,000 reward was announced Friday for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who shot and killed two Chinese graduate students.

China's online retail set to surpass US

2012-04-13 09:38:27

Higher number of Internet users likely to propel fast expansion, report predicts.

Chinese postgraduates flock to US schools

2012-04-13 08:05:03

Postgraduate schools in the US have seen a record-breaking number of Chinese applicants.

US universities benefit from overseas students

2012-04-13 07:23:00

The flood of Chinese students in US is helping its universities balance their budgets.
Chinese postgraduates flock to US schools

US continues anti-dumping duty on garlic

2012-04-13 05:16:27

US would maintain the existing anti-dumping duty on fresh garlic from China, despite Beijing's repeated calls for Washington to drop protectionism.

1,000 attend US vigil for slain students

2012-04-13 04:31:34

Experts called for enhanced protection of Chinese students overseas.

Slain USC students from China identified

2012-04-12 10:42:04

Two Chinese students who were slain during an early-morning shooting Wednesday in LA were identified.