Trade protectionism won't work for US

2012-10-30 10:47:22

Trade protectionism will not work for the US, and China needs balanced trade with the country as well as "sustainable reforms".

Band of brothers sets tone

2012-10-30 07:35:43

Two military bands are hitting the right note for better relations, and like anything involving the army, action speaks louder than words.

Microsoft's head in clouds

2012-10-29 09:54:38

Microsoft Corp could be excused for being somewhat ambivalent in its attitude toward the Chinese market.

Apple iPhone 5 on sale in China by Dec

2012-10-27 00:40:08

Apple Inc's latest handset, the iPhone 5, is expected to be on sale in China by December, according to a statement from Tim Cook in a report.

Gassed up and good to go

2012-10-26 09:40:29

Praxair Inc is further driving the growth of its business in China's gasification, clean fuel and environment sectors.

Rays of hope for solar firms

2012-10-26 10:55:27

China's solar-panel industry has been rocked by recent US duties on its exports to combat alleged dumping and the specter of similar action by European authorities.

Artist threads worldview into her work

2012-10-26 10:55:27

Chinese artist Lin Tianmiao, known for her technique of wrapping objects in string, is in the midst of her first major US exhibition.

Debate Preparation

2012-10-26 12:34:28

Encouraging engagement

2012-10-26 12:34:28

Into the vortex of opinion from Western policymakers, businesspeople and scholars that the United States is losing its competitive edge to China.

Boom in US visas elevates Air China's business, exec says

2012-10-26 10:55:27

Air China Ltd has seen business pick up this year due to relaxed visa-application procedures and shorter waiting times for Chinese travelers to the United States.

California group guides Chinese companies into US mainstream

2012-10-26 10:55:27

Chinese enterprises in the US often find that their success depends as much on stepping into the American cultural mainstream as it does on business performance.

Cave Buddhas dwell in digital display

2012-10-26 10:55:27

A new exhibit at New York University attempts a virtual reunification of those objects with their cave origins.