Kissinger's book a warning to China, US

2011-05-31 08:16:48

The former US secretary of state pointed out the potential risks of future Sino-US relations.

Home-schooled girl ready for college in the US

2011-05-30 08:53:19

A girl in Jilin province has received seven college admission notices, even though she has gone to school for only eight years.

China not manipulating currency'

2011-05-30 07:49:35

The United States Treasury Department said on Friday in a report that China was not manipulating its currency.

Chinese tourists to California to ‘grow 18%’

2011-05-29 14:23:23

A delegation of California’s travel industry representing major destinations and attractions will travel to Beijing and Shanghai in October to promote tourism, according to California Travel and Tourism Commission (CTTC)

Shanghai, US to set int'l board rules

2011-05-28 10:29:34

The valuations of the IPOs of foreign firms on China's international board are likely to be similar to the level in the markets in which they are already listed.

Experts say mutual trust is necessary

2011-05-27 14:57:58

Chinese foreign and military affairs experts said that trust between China and the United States still needs to improve but is at a level sufficient enough to avoid military conflicts.

Policy talk spotlights arms sales issue

2011-05-27 14:53:53

China and the United States should have new approaches on the sensitive US arms sales to Taiwan, which is regarded as one of the major challenges in bilateral relations

Forum discusses China-US trust issue

2011-05-27 14:21:39

China and the United States still have much to do to establish mutual trust even though the two countries have come a long way in developing a framework for pragmatic, mature and realistic cooperation.

Expert calls media in China more thorough and accessible

2011-05-27 14:21:39

When Orville Schell first arrived in Beijing in 1975, the only news the former dean of the journalism school at UC Berkeley in California could access was "a little news release printed on brown paper made of rice husks", offering rudimentary news on the outside world.

Diplomat upbeat about nation's global rise

2011-05-27 14:21:39

A former US ambassador to China is optimistic about the economic ties with China, saying it's wrong to use China as a scapegoat for the US' problems.

China Daily fills role in US newspaper market

2011-05-27 14:21:39

Back in the early 1980s, when Zhou Youguang, along with a few others, asked Richard Solomon to translate the Encyclopedia Britannica into Chinese, it caught Solomon by surprise.

Locke breezes through hearing

2011-05-27 14:21:39

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, the nominee of United States ambassador to China, waltzed through the Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday. He told friendly panelists that balancing the trade deficit and reaching out to the Chinese public will become his job priorities.