PepsiCo, Tingyi to build plant in Henan

2012-07-12 07:58:55

Beverage maker aims to expand market presence in western, northwestern China.

Trade growth slower than expected

2012-07-11 10:49:32

Trade between China and the United States grew slower than expected, as signs of recovery in the US economy were unclear.

New iPad to arrive in China on July 20

2012-07-11 09:39:03

The new iPad will be available through Apple's online store, select Apple authorized resellers and by reservation from Apple retail stores in China.

US visa applications in China up 43%

2012-07-13 07:00:23

The US has processed more than 1 million visa applications in China to date in fiscal year 2012, almost up 43 percent.

US trade strategy could backfire

2012-07-11 08:00:14

"Hammering China" has become increasingly popular on the other side of the Pacific in the run up to the presidential election.

US companies have home thoughts from abroad

2012-07-11 09:24:54

Companies have defended their efforts in reshoring - moving work back to a company's country of origin - by citing a variety of factors.

Bid floated for US plane maker

2012-07-11 02:18:58

A Beijing aerospace manufacturer has executed an exclusivity agreement to acquire Hawker Beechcraft Inc for $1.79 billion.

Firms eye Hollywood for image building

2012-07-10 10:19:50

Entertainment marketing has now become a key tool for domestic brands to raise their awareness and influence around the world.

US reacts warmly to Shenzhou-9 launch

2012-07-10 04:50:29

China's rapid advancement in space exploration has piqued American interest.

Wanda's acquisition of AMC approved

2012-07-09 15:37:40

Dalian Wanda Group's acquisition of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.

China, US in countervailing talks

2012-07-08 22:02:19

The Ministry of Commerce announced it will soon start formal consultations with the US on the latter's 22 countervailing measures against Chinese exports.

Clinton's criticism of China 'unacceptable'

2012-07-07 20:03:50

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's criticism of China at the latest Friends of Syria meeting is "unacceptable."