US to keep pressure on yuan at APEC

2011-11-10 07:54:50

China's currency will continue to be a topic during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

US aircraft carrier pulls in Hong Kong

2011-11-09 16:43:12

The US unclear powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington pulled in Hong Kong waters on Wednesday to get replenishment upon her second portal call to the city.

APEC to give ties with US shot in the arm

2011-11-09 08:05:44

The upcoming APEC forum will help improve Sino-US relations and promote regional cooperation.

Ex-worker asks to cash 10 million US bond

2011-11-08 08:07:41

A retired factory worker has vowed to continue seeking help to cash a $10-million US Treasury bond despite being told that the document is an obvious fake.

China, US to focus on regional integration

2011-11-08 08:02:49

China and the US will both make efforts to promote regional integration and green growth at this week's annual APEC forum.

US urged to respect diversity

2011-11-08 08:02:49

The US should respect the views of all member economies at the upcoming APEC forum.

US eyes export opportunities at China

2011-11-05 11:40:16

US will explore export opportunities for American products at high-level bilateral trade talks in China.

Opening the lines of communication

2011-11-04 11:18:50

To help foreign countries improve the understanding of China, the Chinese government is making great efforts to enhance its public diplomacy skills.

Across America

2011-11-04 10:59:42

China is creating US jobs

2011-11-04 08:46:26

Job creation is likely to be the hot-button issue in the 2012 United States presidential election.

Gap plans for billion-dollar business

2011-11-04 07:57:50

Gap Inc expects China to become a billion-dollar business in three to four years as the largest US apparel-chain operator speeds up expansion here.

Wal-Mart in dispute over alleged unpaid rent

2011-11-02 16:48:01

US retail giant Wal-Mart has entered the media spotlight again in China - this time over a store rent dispute.