Hu: China, US need mutual trust

2012-05-03 12:24:49

Chinese President Hu Jintao on Thursday urged that China and the United States need to deepen trust to each other.

China's defense minister to visit US

2012-05-03 07:43:21

Liang Guanglie will visit a series of military sites in the first China-US high-level military exchange in a year.

US may slap duties on steel cylinders

2012-05-02 10:57:34

Imports of high-pressure steel cylinders from China would face anti-dumping duties of up to 31.21% and countervailing duties of 15.81%.

US won't take sides in dispute

2012-05-02 08:11:51

US would not take sides in the Huangyan Island standoff between China and the Philippines.

Exhibition turns Chinese focus back on US

2012-04-30 11:17:29

With Chinese artists and the country's art scene becoming increasingly visible, much of the spotlight has been on the rapid changes occurring in China.

ConocoPhillips to compensate for oil leaks

2012-04-30 11:17:29

ConocoPhillips China and its partner will pay $267 million for the oil leaks off northern Bohai Bay.

Acquity Group eyes China market

2012-04-30 11:17:29

Chicago-based Acquity Group is looking for funding to help expand its China business with a listing on the New York Stock Exchange on April 27.

New York City welcomes the Terracotta Warriors

2012-04-30 11:17:29

Nine replicas of life-sized Terracotta Warriors from China are shown in Discovery Times Square.

Sino-US investment treaty talks to resume

2012-04-29 07:02:39

China and the US will kick off the seventh round of talks on the bilateral investment treaty very soon.

Jeremy Lin second in jersey sales

2012-04-28 07:53:16

Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks finished second to NBA Most Valuable Player Derrick Rose in jersey sales over the past year.

Marbury refuels in New York

2012-04-27 07:39:00

Beijing Ducks star gets some family time in NY, but is still happy to return to his new home.

Camp 'Linsanity' coming to China

2012-04-27 13:16:06

Jeremy Lin, who topped the list of the Time 100 Most Influential People for 2012, will make his third visit to the Chinese mainland this summer.