CNOOC plans compensation fund after oil spill

2011-09-05 07:19:22

CNOOC will enhance supervision of ConocoPhillips China after the oil leaks, said the firm.
Oil leaks special 

China Daily enchances its US coverage

2011-09-02 10:52:28

China Daily is adding a new publication to newspaper racks in the United States.

Airline adds nonstop from LAX

2011-09-02 10:52:28

Liu Jiakun, an MBA student at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, didn't expect to be part of Air China's history making.

Zippo discovers a new spark

2011-09-02 10:49:54

It seems to be one of the most challenging jobs in the world: Selling top-of-the-line lighters in a country where you can easily find cheaper ones for 2 yuan ($0.3) each.

Trade marriage to hit new heights

2011-09-02 09:02:19

Firms in Indiana, Zhejiang, sister states since 1987, look to create jobs through biz deals.

Apple to discuss suppliers' alleged pollution with NGO

2011-09-01 08:01:49

Apple Inc proposed to talk with various environmental protection groups on alleged suppliers' pollution.

Oil spill aftermath tests the legal waters

2011-09-01 07:56:40

Victims of marine pollution allegedly caused by ConocoPhillips oil leaks look to the courts for justice.

Mutual funds lower stock outlook

2011-09-01 07:53:16

SHANGHAI - Chinese mutual funds cut their recommended exposure to stocks to the lowest level in 14 months, suggesting higher bond and cash holdings as growing economic uncertainty dampens risk taking, the latest monthly Reuters fund poll showed.

China sales seen growing 30-40% annually for eBay

2011-09-01 07:52:31

EBay Inc expects sales from large exporters in China to grow 30 percent to 40 percent annually.

Conoco says oil leak cleared

2011-09-01 07:41:32

ConocoPhillips China says it has met the Aug 31 deadline that Chinese ocean officials set for it to clean up oil leaked into Bohai Bay.

China, US need a fourth communique

2011-08-31 07:53:36

According to the August 17 Communiqu, the US reiterates that it has no intention of infringing upon Chinese sovereignty and territorial integrity

Say no to rodeo

2011-08-31 07:51:34

Rodeo China, the first United States "Wild West" event in China, has been postponed until next year, after a coalition of 71 animal welfare organizations, including six international NGOs, worked for four months to prevent it taking place.