China Mobile gets US boost

2011-09-15 07:48:03

Clearwire Corp of the US will deploy LTE TDD international 4G standard developed and promoted by China Mobile.

Google taps into group buying market

2011-09-14 17:56:49

Search engine giant Google Inc launched a new group buying service called Google Shihui on Tuesday.

China fastest growing investor in US

2011-09-14 17:56:49

China's foreign direct investment in the United States is growing faster than any other countries.

Apple Inc store annoys students

2011-09-14 17:56:49

Apple Inc has opened a store in the Peking University library, taking over an area that had been a student study room and annoying students.

Wen urges financial stability in US

2011-09-14 14:17:20

The US is urged to loosen restrictions on exports to China, which will help increase employment in the US.

Renowned teacher admits abusing US wife

2011-09-13 07:36:46

Even with professional counseling it will be difficult for them to solve their problems, he said.

US sees China's rise as no threat

2011-09-13 06:28:37

The US said it does not see China's rise as a threat, nor does it seek to contain China's rise.

US targets more trade in green energy sector

2011-09-10 08:06:32

The United States is seeking to expand bilateral trade and investment with China in energy market and energy efficiency technologies.

China's Lashou planning US IPO

2011-09-09 13:20:33

China's leading group-buying website is planning an initial public offering in the US, but has not yet set a timeline, Bloomberg reported.

Biden reassures US after China trip

2011-09-09 10:52:59

United States Vice-President Joe Biden said that China's rise isn't the US' demise and the US needs to "keep China's rising economic power in perspective".

Jingdong readies for US IPO

2011-09-09 07:48:55

Jingdong is scheduled to hold a "beauty parade" next week in Beijing to pick underwriters for the IPO.

Biden says China makes US more prosperous

2011-09-09 06:33:48

A successful China can make the United States more prosperous, not less, said the US vice-president.