Obama offers congratulations to Xi

2013-03-16 07:48:47

The United States wasted no time reaching out to the new Chinese leadership following its election.
Looking to cooperate, Obama tells Xi

Near-extinct turtles return home to Hong Kong

2013-03-15 12:00:03

With its "lucky" gold-yellow head and the rumored cancer-curing properties of its plastron shell, South China's Golden Coin Turtle has in recent years become one of the world's most endangered species of turtles.

Firms desert US stock markets

2013-03-15 12:00:03

Two dozen US-listed Chinese companies have retreated from the US market in the past 15 months, amid scrutiny by US regulators and short-sellers.

US-China: An evolving relationship

2013-03-15 11:51:56

Former US Ambassador to China J. Stapleton Roy, who was born in China, has been involved in many ups and downs of China-US relations.

Foreign sportswear brands up the ante

2013-03-15 07:55:54

Wrestling with high inventory, companies expand their presence and reduce their prices in China.

Chinese firm invests big in US natural gas stations

2013-03-14 16:22:37

ENN Group Co Ltd, one of China's largest private companies, is rolling out plans to establish a network of natural gas fueling stations for trucks along US highways.

Guitarists give Chinese music unexpected treatment

2013-03-14 11:25:56

When 5-year-old Su Meng met Wang Yameng, 11, in their hometown in eastern China, the thought of performing together one day in the United States would have seemed unlikely at best.

NY campus isn't shuttering Wang Center

2013-03-14 11:25:56

State University of New York at Stony Brook said it's establishing two new programs at the Charles B. Wang Center for art and cultures of Asia.

Solar firm Suntech to shut plant in Arizona

2013-03-13 10:50:47

Suntech Power Holdings Co, one of the world's biggest makers of solar panels, will close its only US manufacturing facility next month.

NY bus line's closure hits riders, business

2013-03-13 10:50:47

For Thoufique, who works at a Dunkin' Donuts on Canal Street in lower Manhattan next to Fung Wah Bus Transportation, it has meant a loss of hundreds of customers.

Playwrights seek American audience

2013-03-13 10:50:47

Beijing playwright Meng Jinghui is known as a "rock star" and Shanghai-based Nick Yu tops the list of most prolific playwrights in the Chinese mainland.

Renren Inc sees loss because of high costs

2013-03-12 11:20:40

Renren Inc, regarded by many as China's Facebook, said it lost money during the fourth quarter.