Made-in-China solar products benefit US consumers

2011-11-15 07:55:39

China has driven down the price of alternative energy products in the US market, which has benefited consumers.

Leaders call for seamless regional economy

2011-11-14 14:32:10

President Hu discusses strengthening economic integration, expanding trade.

Hawaii Chinese Chamber reaches 100-year milestone

2011-11-14 14:32:09

The Hawaii Chinese Chamber of Commerce has been taking advantage of its geographical and cultural position in serving as a bridge for business and culture exchanges between China and the Pacific island state.

President Hu: US woes not yuan-related

2011-11-14 07:23:56

The exchange rate did not cause structural problems in the US economy, said President Hu Jintao.

Leader calls for closer ties with US

2011-11-13 12:57:55

It is "all the more important" for China to develop communication and coordination with the US, said Hu.

Hu, Obama meet in Hawaii on bilateral ties

2011-11-13 10:46:34

Chinese President Hu Jintao met his US counterpart Barack Obama in Honolulu, Hawaii, Saturday to discuss Sino-US ties and major world and regional issues.

ConocoPhillips 'is to blame' for oil spills

2011-11-12 05:26:35

China's SOA said spills at an oilfield operated by ConocoPhillips in the Bohai Bay resulted from defects in the company's production and management.

Hu to focus on regional trade, growth

2011-11-11 10:29:39

Hu arrived in Hawaii as Asia Pacific leaders gathered for a regional summit. Video

US adds consular staff to meet demand

2011-11-11 08:16:40

The decision highlights the growing demand from international students and travelers from China.

US retailers say China essential to their futures

2011-11-11 07:15:52

If one were to try to snap a photograph of China, it would be difficult to capture a still shot.

In Pictures: Across America

2011-11-11 06:06:56

Across America

China 'concerned' over solar panel probe

2011-11-10 13:29:43

China expressed concern over the United States'anti-dumping and anti-subsidy probe into Chinese exports of solar panels.